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3 years ago

Sony announces Lifelog application for Android


From capturing to recommending Sony wants to inspire you

Sony has just announced their new and innovative way to keep track of your life through your device with the Lifelog application. With various applications available to capture your movements, achievements, and images from throughout the day the issue is that none of them do it all in one place. Sony hopes to change this by allowing you to capture your physical, social, and internet activities all in one location.

This information is great to have to look over, but Sony is actually going to take it one step further. Sony will be using the information that is captured by the application to help inspire you. Sorting through the information Sony will be able to help inspire you with ideas and recommendations of what to do in the future, based on what you have already done.

Working with partners for hardware and software Sony hopes that they are able to inspire your future through the data that they help collect for you.

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3 years ago

Sony announces the T-Mobile Xperia Z1s


First smartphone with PlayStation app preinstalled

Sony also announced a special treat for T-Mobile customers here in the US this evening, the Xperia Z1s. Toting the "best" camera in any waterproof phone, this Z1 variant will offer special background defocusing for the camera, 32GB of internal storage, and a great entertainment offer consisting of six movie downloads from Sony, a 60-day trial of Sony music unlimited, and a handful of select PlayStation titles for playing on the phone.

In addition, folks who purchase a Z1s and a PlayStation 4 will receive a $100 gift card.

No price was given, but you can register for more information today, buy the Z1s online starting Monday, or grab it from a T-Mobile store starting January 22.

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3 years ago

Sony unveils its Xperia Z1 Compact


It's Sony's turn to take the CES stage, and they've arrived with yet another entry into its Xperia lineup: meet the Xperia Z1 Compact, a miniaturized, colorful version of the company's  Z1 flagship.

We think this model will have the same broad appeal as its Xperia Z1, as it ships with nearly the same specs: we're looking at the same waterproof coating, Snapdragon 800 processor and 2 gigs of RAM.  The Z1 Compact also matches the Z1's camera: here, you'll find the same 20.7 MP shooter with f/2.0 lens and Exmor CMOS sensor, which Sony promises is one of the best mobile shooters in the business.

Here, though, Sony opted for a smaller, 4.3-inch display with 720p resolution. Sony also opted for a more colorful finish, and the Z1 Compact will ship in black, white, yellow and pink.

We'll be hunting down demo units for some quality hands on time once Sony's presser wraps up, but until we do, be sure to head over to our #CESLive hub for the rest of today's news.

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3 years ago

Toshiba unveils its first Chromebook effort at CES


Clean lines and a larger display than most for $279.99

Toshiba today ahead of CES in Las Vegas unveiled its first foray into the Chromebook market. Simply referred to as the "Toshiba Chromebook" (which perhaps is better than some made-up name anyway), this guy's essentially what we've seen (internally, anyway), from the Acer C720.

The $279 Chromebook sports a 13.3-inch display with a 1366 x 768 resolution, which isn't going to win any awards anytime soon. It weights a mere 3.3 pounds, is powered by a Haswell-based Intel Celeron processor and rocks a couple gigabytes of RAM and a 16GB solid-state drive. Plus, you get 100GB of Google Drive storage. It also has a pair of USB 3.0 ports, a full-size HDMI port, SDcard reader, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wifi a/b/g/n.

The Toshiba Chromebook will be available starting February 16th.

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3 years ago

Epson announces new Moverio BT-200 smart glasses


Includes motion tracking sensors, camera and stereoscopic display

Google is not the only company making smart glasses. Epson has been working on their own version for quite a while, and the latest iteration — the Moverio BT-200 was announced as a consumer product today at their CES presentation.

Epson's product features dual transparent lenses that have LCD-based projectors to give the equivalent of a qHD resolution at a 23-degree field of view. The glasses also feature sensors to enable head motion tracking, making games and navigation hands-free. If hands-free isn't your thing, there is also hand-held controller. Of course a camera is on board, with an LED to signal to bystanders when you are recording.

Powered by Android 4.0, you have a full compliment of sensors and connectivity options, such as Bluetooth 3.0 and Wifi, and the software includes Dolby support as well as codecs to play MP4 and H.264 ACC files natively.

They should be available in March and will set you back $700. See the full press release after the break.

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3 years ago

Sony #CESlive press conference liveblog


We're live today with Sony at the Las Vegas Convention Center for its CES press event, where we'll get to hear about the first new products for 2014. What might they be? Well knowing Sony there could be a bunch about TVs and cameras, but on the mobile front we're not expecting a new flagship product, but who knows exactly what we'll see. 

The good news is that Sony is livestreaming the event, so you guys can join us and watch the whole thing unfold. Check back at 5PM PST – that's 8PM on the east coast and 1AM in the UK – to see what Sony has for us this year. We'll also be liveblogging from the show floor, and you'll find that after the break.

And don't forget to swing by our CES hub to catch all the latest and greatest from Las Vegas.

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3 years ago

New Parrot Jumping Sumo brings big wheels to the drone party at #CESlive


The second drone that Parrot was showing off at CES 2014 was the Jumping Sumo. This guy is much bulkier than the mini drone they were also demoing, featuring big wheels, lots of horsepower, and extended range thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity.

There's a little VGA camera on the front which feeds video to your mobile device so you can steer the little guy. The agility on it was really quite surprising - the Jumping Sumo could do flips, turn on a dime, and collapse its wheels for a slimmer profile. 

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3 years ago

Parrot shows off new flying and wheeled mini drone at #CESlive


The folks at Parrot were showing off two new drones at CES 2014, the first of which is a light, miniature version of the famous AR.drone quadrocopter we know and love.

The Parrot mini drone has two big wheels that let it land gracefully and move around a bit on the ground and ceiling, or you can detach the wheel system and simply fly the drone by itself.

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3 years ago

Hands on with the ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300


We're live at CES 2014 in Las Vegas with ASUS, where its latest all-in-one, the Transformer Book Duet TD300 has been officially unveiled. Part tablet, part laptop and running Android 4.2.2 and Windows 8.1, we're sure a few of you are more than interested in this hybrid device. 

There's no emulation on the Duet, both operating systems are running in full, and switching between the two is both simple, and quick with ASUS' "Instant Switch" technology. Hardware wise there are a few options, but the ones on the show floor are packing an Intel i7, and 4GB of RAM, with a 128GB SSD drive in the tablet, and upto 1TB hard drive storage in the keyboard dock. 

Powerful, portable and a real productivity machine, could the Transformer Book Duet TD300 be the hybrid device of our dreams? Well, we've got a quick hands on video and a few more snaps after the break to help you decide. 

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3 years ago

Checking out Sphero 2B at #CESLive, a mobile-controlled racing robot


Sphero, the guys who are best known for their globular mobile-controlled toy, have announced at CES 2014 that they're expanding their lineup with a new two-wheel model, complete Bluetooth low-energy connectivity and sensors to enable gaming and racing.

Separate Bluetooth markers can set waypoints for a race, and the infrared sensors allow Sphero 2Bs to battle one another. Tinkerers will even be able to dive into the programming options for the Sphero 2B. We'll be seeing the Sphero 2B on store shelves in fall 2014 with a pricetag of $99 or less.

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3 years ago

Huawei Ascend Mate 2 4G hands-on


A more refined take on the Mate that's expected to have better global sales reach

Huawei has just taken the wraps off of its latest leading device, the Ascend Mate 2 4G. Building off the relative success of the original Ascend Mate in its home market of China, the Ascend Mate 2 4G kicks things up to the next level. First and foremost, Huawei is really focusing on the fact that this device includes LTE connectivity. While most of its devices have been released with just HSPA+, the Ascend Mate 2 4G includes LTE access for every version of the device released worldwide — including AT&T and T-Mobile in the U.S.

The internal specs seem to be a bit of a mixed bag, but that's nothing new for Huawei. We're looking at just 720 x 1280 resolution on that 6.1-inch display (looks just fine to our eyes, though), powered by a 1.6GHz Snapdragon 400 processor and 2GB of RAM. Huawei continues its pretty standard camera arrangements with a 13MP Sony BSI sensor on back and a wide-angle 5MP shooter up front. The battery life is purportedly fantastic, with a 4050mAh lithium-polymer battery and special battery-saving software and networking features.

Hit the break for pictures, video and more thoughts on this new device.

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3 years ago

First look at the ASUS Zenfone 4, 5 and 6


Three Intel-powered handsets priced between $100 and 200

ASUS delivered a whopping six new Android devices at its CES press conference today, including three new Intel-powered handsets at a variety of screen sizes and price points. All three sport similar physical designs, reminiscent of HTC's One and Butterfly series. There's a gentle curve to the back, with flattened sides and ASUS's new Zen UI running the show, atop Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. We've taken our first look at the new Zenfone handsets from the floor of ASUS's presser today, and come away reasonably impressed with the company's efforts.

The Zenfone 4, 5 and 6 will sell for $99, $149 and $199 when they go on sale later this year. Check out our first look hands-on video above; we've got more photos after the break.

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3 years ago

Google Glass prescription frames and lenses now available from Wetley


Stainless steel frames available stand-alone, or with prescription lenses

The first prescription lens solution for Google Glass has been released, and Wetley's GGRX frames are now available for ordering. 

Wetley offers a snap-in solution that requires no modification of your pricey Google Glass, and are available without lenses or with — and the price is very affordable. The stand-alone frames sell for $99, and you bring them to your optometrist for lenses. If you would rather have Wetley take care of all of it, a GGRX frame with single-vision prescription lenses installed is just $149.

The products are available for ordering now, and are expected to ship in 2-3 weeks. 

I'm in for a pair of stand-alone frames. Anyone else? A product video and the full press release is after the break.

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3 years ago

Eyes on the AT&T ASUS Padfone X


ASUS and AT&T just demonstrated the new Padfone X at CES 2014, and we've managed to snag a first eyes on look at the new device. Sadly, no hands-on – display units were locked in glass cases – but it was there for all to see. 

AT&T announced the new smartphone and tablet hybrid earlier on today at its own event, and we didn't learn any more in the way of pricing or availability. But, we got a few snaps of the new device, which you'll find after the break. 

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3 years ago

Hands-on with Samsung's Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro tablets


Samsung’s new ‘Pro’ tablets introduce a new magazine-style UI and productivity features atop Android 4.4 KitKat

Samsung was the first big-name manufacturer to launch an Android-powered tablet with the original Galaxy Tab back in 2010. Yet over the past year the company that dominates Android phone sales has seemingly shied away from the high-end tablet space. With the exception of the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition, Samsung’s recent Android tablets have focused on the mid-range and entry-level spaces.

But that’s about to change in 2014, as Samsung kicks off its CES presence with not one but four new high-end Android slates across three screen sizes: meet the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro series.

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