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5 years ago

Hands-on with the Google IO special-edition Galaxy Tab 10.1


A wise old editor once said "Google IO isn't just about the swag." And it's not just about the swag. But it's sometime about the swag. And right now it's about the swag.

Everybody at Google IO (including use lowly press members) got themselves a Google IO special-edition Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 today. We've used the thing a good half-dozen times now, and it's getting better every time we pick it up.

Light, sleek and fast, if you gave us just three words. And with the addition of the special Android imagery, this one's pretty sweet.

Enough talking. Pics after the break.

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5 years ago

First Look at Google Music Beta


We're in the middle of uploading a couple songs to Google Music Beta, the new streaming music service Google announced today at the Google IO developer conference.

The process as it stands today is pretty straightforward. You download a helper app which finds and then uploads your music to your Google account of your choosing. Initial setup is pretty quick -- uploading music is, well, dependent on your connection, of course. Music syncs in the background, so you can go about your business while you wait for song after song after song after song to upload.

The Google Music Beta desktop app isn't actually a desktop app -- it runs in the browser.

More as we get it. For now, check out more screen shots after the break.

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5 years ago

Catch launches lifestreaming for Android tablets at Google I/O


These days, staying up to date and remembering the things that need to be remembered isn't really an easy task any more for some people. Their is a lot more going on in the World, a lot more information is flowing out there and often times people just need some organization -- or an app to help keep the important things highlighted.

Catch knows this and today, they've released the latest update to their Catch Notes application which allows you to capture text, voice, images, and locations. All of which, can be synced and backed up to their cloud services via their website in a safe, secure manner. Items can then be password protected or shared among friends, colleagues and family.

Optimized for Android Tablets, Catch Notes sits at version 3.0 in the Android Market and if you're looking for an application to help keep things in check, you may wish to give it a look. Setting up an account is free and most importantly, easy. You can find the download below, as well as the full press release from their announcement today at Google I/O.

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5 years ago

Music Beta video posted by Google, reminds us that no cables are needed


Google officially unveiled it's Google Music Beta service this morning. The cloud based service is launching today for those select few at Google I/O and those receiving invites to the beta. And, of course, as with any other Google product launch, there's a nice little video to go with that launch. The Google Music team just uploaded a video that recaps this afternoon's announcement.

Unfortunately, the service rivaling Amazon's Cloud Player, is only available to US customers at this time. Hopefully Google will soon expand the service to more markets once the music service takes off. So, what do you guys think of it so far?

Source: YouTube

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5 years ago

Google IO post-keynote press briefing



Out of the fat an into the fryer. We're fresh from the Google IO Day 1 keynote -- maybe you caught our liveblog -- and we're in the press briefing room for, well a press briefing. We're already spotting some names and faces -- Matias Duarte is sitting next to yours truly.

No liveblog for this one, but we'll update with any happenings after the break.

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5 years ago

Google announces Android at Home, functionality ideas seem endless


Ever wish that when you were at home you could have nearly full control of everything in your house, right from your Android device? Google has just announced at Google IO that they will be bringing Android at Home to developers, giving them the ability to allow controls of just about anything from an Android device. Imagine being able to have your alarm clock app slowly turn on the lights, while starting your favorite music to wake up to, or having your lights turn on at certain times, controlled right from your device? Well, it is all going to be able to be accomplished soon enough as long as the developers are willing to take their imagination to the next level.

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5 years ago

Samsung passes out 5,000 Galaxy Tab 10.1s to I/O attendees


If you were lucky enough to score a ticket to this year's Google I/O in San Francisco, you'll be going home with a brand-spanking-new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. As for those of us who didn't -- we'll, you can just be jealous. The Honeycomb powered device is not available to consumers yet, but we've played with a few times already at this point. At last year's Google I/O, HTC and Google linked up to give out tons of new EVOs.

Oh yeah, did we mention that Jerry and Phil are at Google I/O? It looks like they just got a new toy and of course, some work ahead of them in giving us all the finer details of the device. See -- swag does come at a price.

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5 years ago

Google announces Android Open Accessory


Google has just announced Android Open Accessory which, dares us to get physical. Coming to Honeycomb and Gingerbread devices, developers will be able to tap into the accessory market like never before, making them a part of the Android experience as well. The demo showed how a USB accessory - CardioQuest could be used to monitor heartbeat while exercising.

For now, Android Open Accessory items are only supported through USB but Bluetooth support is coming soon. Ultimately, any accessory built with the ADK will be able to be plugged into your Android device and interact in many different ways, be it through an app or some other UI created specifically for that accessory. We'll have more on this soon but for now, you can check out the ADK documentation provided by Google.

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5 years ago

Google announces a team that will create guidelines for device updates


Rejoice! Google has announced that they are putting together a team of people from many of our favorite carriers and OEMs, to commit to bringing the latest Android updates to users devices. These new guidelines will be constructed by folks at Verizon, HTC, Samsung, Sprint, Sony Ericsson, LG, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Motorola, AT&T and, of course, Google. 

According to Google, new devices will receive the latest updates for 18 months after their release -- if the hardware allows. More to come. Be sure to follow our live blog here.

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5 years ago

Ice Cream Sandwich officially announced, coming in Q4


Google today officially announced at IO (follow our live blog) the next iteration of Android, labeled Ice Cream Sandwich. This is going to be an operating system combining the tablet OS and the phone OS. It is being called the one operating system that manufacturers will be able to put on any device.

Google showed off a range of devices that are currently running Android and the need for one OS to be able to power any form factor.

Ice Cream Sandwich will be released in Q4.

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5 years ago

Android 3.1 rolling out today to Verizon Xoom owners

If you're a Verizon Motorola Xoom owner then today, is your lucky day if you enjoy getting updates before others. Android 3.1 was just announced at Google I/O and Verizon Xoom owners will be getting the update pushed out later today to their devices. Quite a few changes are coming with this release -- things such as USB host, enhanced task switcher, re-sizable widgets and a brand new multitasking engine to help reduce crashes and produce more fluid transitions between applications. Stay tuned, more to come -- join us for the live blog!

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5 years ago

Movies now available to rent from Android Market


Google just announced at IO that they are adding the ability to rent through the Android Market. The Market added Books not too long ago, and Movies looks to follow in the same way.

Users will be able to rent movies for 30 days through the Market and stream to your device. If you don't want to stream the movies, a playback option called 'pinning' will allow you to watch when you have no connectivity. Any movie you rent will be available on all your devices and the web to watch instantly.

There will be Movies app for tablets starting with Android 3.1 and phones with 2.2 in 'a few weeks'.

For more about the keynote, follow our live blog.

Source: Android Market

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5 years ago

Android Honeycomb to get updated to 3.1, will bring Google TV support and much more


If you bought a Google TV upon launch and have been anxiously awaiting an update that would allow for better support overall from the Android experience, your prayers have been answered with some new news from Google I/O. Honeycomb will be receiving an update to 3.1 which will also be rolling out to Google TV soon. This will allow for market support, and much more from your Google TV. In addition to having market access there will be USB hub support, so if you want to add a full size keyboard, a gaming controller or anything else you will be able to with full support. Finally, Google TV is becoming more of what we had anticipated, and even more!

Full details:

  • Open Accessory API. This new API provides a way for Android applications to integrate and interact with a wide range of accessories such as musical equipment, exercise equipment, robotics systems, and many others.
  • USB host API. On devices that support USB host mode, applications can now manage connected USB peripherals such as audio devices. input devices, communications devices, and more.
  • Input from mice, joysticks, and gamepads. Android 3.1 extends the input event system to support a variety of new input sources and motion events such as from mice, trackballs, joysticks, gamepads, and others.
  • Resizable Home screen widgets. Developers can now create Home screen widgets that are resizeable horizontally, vertically, or both.
  • Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) Applications can now receive notifications when external cameras are attached and removed, manage files and storage on those devices, and transfer files and metadata to and from them.
  • Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) API for audio. Developers can directly manage on-demand or interactive data streaming to enable VOIP, push-to-talk, conferencing, and audio streaming.

Source: Android Developer Blog

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5 years ago

Google: More than 400,000 Android devices activated everyday


We're live at Google's I/O Keynote 2011 and Google just filled us in with an incredible number. Everyday there is more than 400,000 Android devices activated. Wow! That's 100k more than what we were seeing back in December 2010 when Andy Rubin tweeted that 300,000 devices were being activated on a daily basis. And before that, Google announced that there were 200,000 devices being activated daily back in August of 2010. A broader look at the numbers as a whole shows:

  • 100 million activated Android devices
  • 400,000 new Android devices activated every day
  • 200,000 free and paid applications available in Android Market
  • 4.5 billion applications installed from Android Market

Needless to say, that's a whole lot of Android devices and apps being put to use out there. Likely more then Google themselves expected when they got into this game.

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5 years ago

Music Beta by Google page now live, accepting invite requests [Update: Music app now in the Market]


Google IO starts today and we're expecting a lot of exciting announcements at the keynote starting at 9am PST. (We're live blogging it!)

One rumor that has been going around for a while is a cloud-based music service by Google. It's being reported that we may hear something about that during the keynote this morning. To add more truth to that, the Music Beta by Google page just went live a  few minutes ago and is currently accepting invite requests. You can't pull up the "about" page yet, but we expect it'll be up shortly (say within the next 2 hours).

Head on over to Music Beta if you're interested in the service.

Update: There appears to be a Music App in the Market now. We don't have any info on what the service will entail, but you can go grab it from the links after the break.

Source: Music Beta by Google

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