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3 years ago

Verizon Galaxy S4 preorders start April 25 [Updated]


Device to cost $200 with new agreement and $50 mail-in rebate; $650 off contract

Update: May 30 date has been confirmed on Twitter as well

Verizon will open preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 on April 25, according to their official Twitter account. The 16GB version will cost $200 with a new contract and a mail-in rebate, or $650 for those who are buying outright in order to keep existing unlimited data plans. They haven't said when we should expect to see it on the shelves, which is an important detail. The device will be available in stores on May 30.

We've seen delays from both Sprint and T-Mobile in getting the Galaxy S4 out the door, meanwhile AT&T says they will be shipping devices slightly earlier than expected. The logistics of getting millions of devices from factories in Asia to the hands of consumers surely isn't easy, and maybe Verizon is being smart by keeping any potential dates close to their chest -- you can't have a delay on what was never announced.

Anyhoo, if you've been hankering to get Samsung's new Galaxy S4 from Verizon, tomorrow is your chance to get things started. 

Source: @VZWNews

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3 years ago

Sprint reports net loss of $643 million in Q1 2013


$7.1 billion in revenue, 5 million phones shipped, $29 million in operating income

Sprint reported their first quarter financial results for 2013 today, which included $7.1 billion in revenue - that's 9% up from Q1 last year, and their new all-time high. Sprint boasted that this quarter they've enjoyed the fastest year-over-year increase in operating income in more than six years: $29 million, which is up 25% from the same figure in 2012. After all was told though, Sprint still reported a net loss of $643 million, which isn't quite as bad as the $863 million loss last year, and definitely the $1.3 billion loss last quarter. 

Sprint felt it necessary to point out that 1.5 million of their 5 million smartphone sales this quarter were iPhones, because nobody cares about where the other 3.5 million phones came from, I guess? 

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3 years ago

LG Q1 2013 earnings: Profit down slightly, mobile business performing well


Record smart phone shipments of 10.3 million offset weaker performance company-wide

It's earnings time, and today it's LG's turn to let us know how it performed in the last three months. The company posted what it calls "solid first-quarter performance", but the overall numbers certainly aren't as great as some would have hoped. The mobile division (which we really care about) however posted some impressive results. Here's your quick breakdown of those "Mobile Communication" division numbers:

  • Revenues of $2.96 billion, up 28.5-percent year-over-year
  • Operating profit of $122.69 million, nearly four times revenue the year previous
  • 10.3 million smart phone shipments for the quarter, a record for the company

LG gives credit for such great performance in its mobile division to its high-end LTE devices such as the Optimus G and G Pro, as well as successful new 3G-only device lines like the Optimus L series. Even the Nexus 4 is called out by name as helping improve sales numbers and profits. The Korean manufacturer expects even stronger shipments in Q2, with a worldwide rollout of the Optimus LII Series and greater availability of the Optimus G Pro in markets with LTE.

As a whole, LG Electronics had less than impressive results, with profits dipping year-over-year even with amazing growth in the mobile division. On the bright side, LG says revenues for the quarter did increase overall, but again mainly due to strong mobile division performance. The "Home Entertainment" division, which is LG's largest, contributed most to the declining profits with a less than stellar quarter. There are still several high points for the quarter that should keep LG pointed in the right direction going forward.

Source: LG

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3 years ago

Sprint retail locations to see Samsung Galaxy S4 delays


Though you'll still be able to order the Samsung Galaxy S4 from Sprint online starting Saturday, finding one in stores will be tough. 

We just got a note from Sprint saying that though they're still aiming to have the Samsung Galaxy S4 available for sale online and over the phone starting this upcoming Saturday as originally planned, retail and other channels may be a little behind. 

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3 years ago

Swype finally makes its debut in the Google Play Store


99 cents gets you one of the best-known third party keyboards on Android

Hell may have just frozen over today, because Swype is now available for purchase in the Play Store. Previously, as many of you are aware, the only way to have Swype on your device was to sign up for the beta test and install it manually, or have one of the many devices with it pre-installed. A $0.99 purchase now gets you a proper and easy to manage Play Store download, ready to install on your devices.

Its hard to believe that one of the most used keyboards on Android -- Swype claims 250 million users -- wasn't available through the primary app store up to this point, but we're glad today's the day. You can grab a download of the latest Swype from the Play Store link at the top of this post.

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3 years ago

BBC launches iPlayer Radio for Android devices, including Kindle Fire


Now available from Google Play for smartphones and tablets, the iPlayer Radio app will shortly follow in the Amazon Appstore

The BBC first launched their iPlayer Radio application on iOS in late 2012. Essentially, a way to gorge yourselves on all the best BBC radio content national and local, as well as podcasts, in much the same vein as the main iPlayer app. Some 6 months on from that, the app today launches on Android for the first time, and will follow shortly in the Amazon Appstore as well. 

In coming to Android, the iPlayer Radio app has been made available for tablets for the first time. The UI has also been tweaked to better suit the Android user, so while it retains the same general look and feel of the iOS version, there are platform specific changes. Additionally, the Android version will make use of the notification tray to allow an easy return to the app. 

The BBC has acknowledged an issue with the app on the Galaxy S3, which it says it hopes to rectify soon. For more on this and the full run down on the Android app, hit the source link below. 

Source: BBC

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review Podcast Special


Audio-only stream below

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is finally upon us, and our exhaustive review is live here on the site! Even better, in a very special Android Central podcast, Phil and Alex sat down in New York City to dive deep into Samsung's new flagship smartphone.

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 review


The Galaxy S4 represents a refinement of Samsung's earlier efforts, but is that enough to guarantee its success in the smartphone market of 2013?

Enter, the Samsung Galaxy S4. Despite the abundance of unique hardware from a wide variety of manufacturers, the smartphone space remains a two-horse race, dominated by Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy series. Arguably a triumph of marketing as much as technology, the Galaxy S3 emerged as the Android king in 2012, selling some 30 million units worldwide. Longtime foes HTC and Motorola struggled to compete with Samsung, and the Korean behemoth cemented its position as the alpha Android later in the year with the pen-toting Galaxy Note 2.

Now, as tick follows tock, it’s time for a successor to the Galaxy S3 -- and the Galaxy S4 is as incremental and familiar as its name might suggest. Rounded edges. TouchWiz. SuperAMOLED. A big clicky home button. At first inspection it seems it’s business as usual for Samsung owners.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S4’s feature list is staggering, bringing new tricks to the table beyond faster hardware and a larger screen. “Air view” can detect your hands at a distance. A front-mounted IR blaster and TV app allow the phone to serve as a viewing companion. The video player tracks your eyes. The web browser scrolls with a tilt of your head. Add to that more new software features than you can shake a very large stick at -- including everything from the Galaxy S3 -- and you’ll see why the S4 could be the most feature-laden smartphone out there. Conversely, the S4’s design -- in both hardware and software -- is essentially unchanged. Of course, not every smartphone upgrade needs to be revolutionary, and those manufacturers who’ve reinvented themselves lately -- HTC and their flagship HTC One, for example -- have arguably been strong-armed into doing so by Samsung’s dominance.

Like arch-rival Apple, Samsung’s new product is all but guaranteed widespread success. The company’s colossal marketing budget and newfound consumer mindshare will take care of that. Expect a relentless advertising campaign and news of tens of millions of sales in the months ahead.

So plenty of other humans will buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 this year, but should you? Does it deserve its inevitable success, or is it all parlor tricks and gimmickry? The one place you’ll find out for sure is after the break, in our extensive Galaxy S4 review.

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 photo gallery


Take a closer look at Samsung's new flagship phone in the Android Central Galaxy S4 photo gallery

If you've checked out our review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and watched all our accompanying videos, but are still want to see more of Samsung's new flagship phone? Look no further than our Galaxy S4 photo gallery, which shows the phone in all the detail you could possibly ask for.

We've got a few dozen photos waiting for you after the break.

More: Samsung Galaxy S4 review

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3 years ago

Using the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Sprint


Poor network performance can handicap even the fastest of smartphones

This is the Sprint Galaxy S4. There are many others like it, but this one is Sprint’s. Externally, the phone bears no Sprint branding, and the bundled Sprint apps are relatively tame, if numerous. But unfortunately for the carrier there’s one unique aspect of its Galaxy S4 that's not quite so praiseworthy. That’s right, once again a Sprint device’s Achilles’ heel is its network performance.

More: Samsung Galaxy S4 review

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 'S View' case review


The humble flip cover becomes a smart accessory

Flip covers for smartphones are nothing new -- ever since smartphones have had screens, users have sought a convenient way to keep it protected and scratch-free. But the latest flip cover for the Samsung Galaxy S4 takes things a step further, building in new functionality based around a touch-capable window and a magnetic sensor. While we've been reviewing the Galaxy S4, we've also had the chance to take the official 'S View' case for a spin, and we've been pretty impressed with what Samsung's brought to the table.

We've got more photos, words and video after the break.

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 versus HTC One: The editors face off


The UK's Alex Dobie and the USA's Phil Nickinson take on two of the year's hottest phones

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Android smartphone battle lines are drawn. Samsung’s new flagship will go up against the HTC One, and it’s sure to be a fierce fight. Samsung needs to maintain the lead it established in 2012; for HTC, the future of the company depends on the success of the HTC One.

So which one should you buy? As always, it’s never as simple as recommending one device over the other. That’s why we’re launching into a little discussion with Alex and Phil, where we’ll try to spell out exactly where each device is strongest.

Join us after the break as we go back and forth on the HTC One versus Galaxy S4. There’s also a good old-fashioned video comparison, if you’re into that sort of thing.

More: Samsung Galaxy S4 review

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 photo and video samples


Wondering how the Galaxy S4's rear camera performs? Check out our library of sample shots!

The Galaxy S4 is one of the biggest phone launches of the year, and manufacturer Samsung has upgraded the camera assembly on its new flagship device, bringing to bear a 13-megapixel BSI sensor with f/2.2 aperture. We've got a ton of analysis and hands-on details on the S4's camera over in our full review, but if you just want to look at pretty pictures, we've got you covered.

You'll find a few dozen Galaxy S4 sample shots down below, including many not found in the review. Check 'em out afte the break!

More: Samsung Galaxy S4 review

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3 years ago

Quick display comparison: Samsung Galaxy S4 versus the competition


How does Samsung's 1080p HD SuperAMOLED match up against last year's offerings and the latest LCD panels?

A pet technology of Korean giant Samsung, AMOLED displays have adorned every one of its flagship Android smartphones, going back all the way to the original Galaxy S. This year's Galaxy S4 ships with the sharpest AMOLED display yet, a Full HD SuperAMOLED display running packing 1920x1080 pixels at 440 pixels per inch. It's the first 1080p smartphone from Samsung, and so during the course of our review we decided to pit the S4's Full HD SuperAMOLED against a selection of competitors -- the iPhone 5, Nexus 4 and HTC One -- as well as last year's Galaxy S3.

We've got comparison photos -- and a general overview of where the S4 sits on our grand imaginary league table of smartphone displays -- all after the break.

More: Samsung Galaxy S4 review

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3 years ago

T-Mobile pushes back Galaxy S4 launch date to April 29


Unexpected delays in inventory deliveries have pushed back the launch by 5 days

Update: T-Mobile has confirmed this in an update on their website. April 29 is the new date.

Seemingly out of nowhere today, T-Mobile customer support reps had started responding to questions on the carrier's official Facebook page indicating that the Galaxy S4 launch had been pushed back. This seemed curious considering that the device is set to go on sale mere hours from now on the T-Mobile website. In a statement to TmoNews, T-Mobile has since confirmed that unexpected shipping delays have pushed back the online sale date of the carrier's Galaxy S4 to April 29th. With no further explanation, T-Mobile says it is working with Samsung to have enough devices delivered in time for the new date.

That's just a 5 day delay -- if you can even call it a "delay" -- but it may feel like an eternity to those who expected to get their orders in right away. These delivery issues don't seem to be a universal issue, however, as some customers on AT&T are set to get their devices ahead of schedule. If T-Mobile is the network of choice for you though, just hang onto that credit card until Monday.

Source: TmoNews; T-Mobile

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