Android Market content rating

The Android Market's new content rating system is now live in the developer's console. From here on out, any new or updated applications will be required to choose from Mature, Teen, Pre-Teen and All. While ratings ultimately are the responsibility of the developers, Google has given a set of guidelines that must be followed.

Apps that include references to Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs, as well as violence (cartoon, fantasy or otherwise) shall be labeled "Mature." Same goes for sexual or suggestive content. Porn still isn't allowed.

A app that includes inflammatory content, profanity and crude humor,  that may offend users should be rated "Teen" or "Mature."

Here's where it gets a little interesting: Apps that ask users for their location at any point must not be rated "All." Apps that "ask to access course or fine location data" are "Pre-Teen." Any app that can publish your location should be rated "Teen" or "Mature."

Users will be able to flag apps that they believe are incorrectly rated, and Google will take a look. Repeat offenders can be "subject to further action," says Google, up to and including killing the dev account.

We're not seeing ratings on apps in the Market just yet, but you know they're coming.


Reader comments

Content ratings now live in the Android Market developers' console


I wonder if there will be a way to filter them somehow in the Market? The ability for a parent to block Mature content on their kids phone would be pretty cool. Speaking as a parent of course. :-)

Just checked the Market for updates and I had a few (Including WinAmp!!!) and none have ratings yet.. must have been updated just before this went live.

10?? How about 15. What does anyone under the age of 15 need with a smartphone that can't b done on a home computer so they can b monitored better?

This is so pointless, if the app uses location it cannot be for all? Damn the market definitely isn't for my 9 year old son! Lol fail, a lot of apps usrs location find. By the way Phil, there is a mature category on IOS app store, undusted my old iPod and checked jus t for you. Lol

Just got an email from Android Market Support. Ratings will launch for end users "starting in a few weeks". I'm guessing this will coincide with a Gingerbread launch :)