HP TouchPad. Bing!

Our pal Derek over at PreCentral has shown off some screenshots from the webOS 3.0 emulator today received today from an anonymous source.  It sure looks like great news for webOS fans, and a few things there will make Android fans do a double take. 

We're not about to sit here and say anyone copied anyone else -- there's only so many ways to do things right, and it looks like webOS 3.0 is doing most of them.  There's a nice full screen browser with a minimalistic navigation and control area at the top, and the virtual keyboard looks nicely spaced and doesn't force capitalization on you when you don't want it.  The chat application looks very nice.  It's a multi-pane interface with a big area for your message content, and we assume that your buddy list will populate the left pane.  Google has done the same for the native Talk app in Honeycomb, and it works wonderfully.

The quick settings area brings up an interesting thought -- you can see the influence Matias Duarte had on both webOS 3.0 and Honeycomb.  They aren't exactly the same, but there's plenty of similarity there (check out a comparison after the break).  This isn't a bad thing, because they both look great.  Easy access and functionality combined with sleek looks is something fans of both platforms can appreciate.

The last thing worth noting, and it doesn't come as a surprise considering HP's strong relationship with Microsoft, is that webOS 3.0 is using Bing for their maps application.  Love it or hate it, HPalm will make for a strong partner for Bing maps, and Derek speculates that HP may partner with Bing in the search space as well.  Anyone who has used both Bing Maps and Google Maps knows it's their loss, and I wouldn't rule out a tablet optimized webOS 3.0 version of Maps direct from Google if the market is big enough to justify it.

All in all webOS 3.0 is looking like a nice upgrade for the platform, and even I am curious to see how it runs on HP's new TouchPad. [PreCentral]

webOS menu      Honeycomb menu

     webOS quick settings            Honeycomb quick settings


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The competition: webOS 3.0 screenshots (or things that go Bing!)


Looking forward to checking WebOS out on a pad.. loved it on the pre, just too small and crapy hardware.... first?

"Copying" is a highly under rated quality. If something works well, I want MY device to do that also. Hell, I still want phone companies to "copy" RIM with things like BBM, Magnetic sleep sensors, and exposed contacts for cheap charging pods.

As much as I loved WebOS, the Bing/MS-maps thing would have turned me off of the thing instantly.

I *so* wish that Android could use cards and gestures like WebOS.

The problem with webos and google maps was the updates that never showed up. Android would get a google map update but didn't receive any worthy update when I had my pre that's why I always used sprint navigation. But since I've switched to android google maps beats sprint navigation in every possible way

The tablet market has plenty of space. I handled the XOOM today and it was heavy, slow and just not intuitive. Hopefully the Touchpad will be a better tablet.

"Anyone who has used both Bing Maps and Google Maps knows it's their loss, and I wouldn't rule out a tablet optimized webOS 3.0 version of Maps direct from Google if the market is big enough to justify it."

Whose loss is it? I don't get this sentence.

Anyway, I'm still not sold on the idea of a table vs a laptop, but I am very interested in getting back to webOS. Android is nice, but webOS has a much more refined interface, IMO. I just hope the TouchPad has good hardware.

This looks pretty nice. I was a long time Palm and also WebOS user but finally gave up on them because they (and HP) were so slow to provide anything new. I still have my Palm Pre but it is now only a WiFi device that is seldomly used.

I doubt that I'd ever return to the WebOS fold because I am now sold on the Android platform and I doubt that HP will remain committed to the WebOS platform or react quickly to consumer needs.

I like the idea of having many hardware developers supporting 'droid and also many software developers on the Android platform. This will not be true for WebOS (or iOS either).

Do you think Matias could fix Android's native (non-gmail) mail & Calendar clients?

I'd really appreciate it - it's beautiful & easy on webOS ... please Matias

It really isn't a copy. Unless android copied webOS. It's the same styling as the menu already on all webOS devices. Also, a patch will give the webOS devices even more settings.