ColorNote 3.0 update

Popular note-taking app ColorNote has been updated to version 3.0, which adds new functionality and a host of bug fixes. New features include the ability to double-tap to edit notes and select words, wiki-style markup for linking to other notes, and a re-vamped UI.

ColorNote 3.0 is available now on the Android Market, and will be rolling out on the Amazon App Store shortly. Join us after the break for a video showing off some of the new features in the latest version, along with the all-important Market link and QR code.

There are 9 comments

jelly roll says:

Yay! I love ColorNote!

RandyN says:

ColorNote is great, just wished it synced to the cloud.

Nirvana328 says:

Interesting features, but between GTasks and AK Notepad I'm covered. Plus both of them sync online. (to gmail and respectively)

myrcgarage says:

Reminder is one thing Evernote missing.

swtrainer#AC says:

Interesting, but Evernote syncs to Android, Windows and to the Cloud. What can Color Notes do that Evernote can't?

briankurtz79 says:

I need a good note app with GPS reminders. Anyone know of one?

Jude526 says:

I like color note. also had it with blackberry

The main problem with color note is the lack of developer support for people who use it. The simple issue of the default password for backups has got huge number of people commenting on my review of this app. It would also help if the app synced to the cloud.

krazalid says:


Can any one tell me how to put color note on my main screen? I can't find the option