Motorola Cliq XT

T-Mobile's Motorola Cliq XT is getting an update, but it's not yet the Android 2.1 update we're all waiting for. Instead, it's your basic maintenance update. Here's what's being fixed:

  • Overall phone performance: Users will notice a significantly improved overall performance and responsiveness to input requests, including: opening applications, answering calls, opening the Happenings widget, and downloading attachments and pictures within email.
  • Additional stability: Improved stability, resulting in fewer occurrences of unresponsiveness and/or programs quitting unexpectedly.
  • Bluetooth performance: Improved performance and connectivity with other Bluetooth devices.
  • Messaging: Prevents erroneous notifications that a message has not been sent. Also resolves MMS sending / receiving functionality issues in certain scenarios.
  • Touchscreen: Improved touch screen sensitivity and touch response.
  • Swype: Includes updates to the latest version of the SWYPE software, resulting in improved overall performance of the application.

Motorola still has the Android 2.1 update slated for late Q3/early Q4, so we'll have to hold out a little longer on that one. [Motorola] Thanks, @sandtiger!


Reader comments

Cliq XT gets official Swype update, fixes for touchscreen, stability


We will all be lucky if we get 2.1 before december. Motorola took there sweet ass time with the cliq and cliq xt and the backflop which I own, still not even on 2.1, I don't know about you guys but I'm never buying a motorola phone again, but since this was the only phone at&t had I got it, and verizon and motorola remind me of at&t and apple lol

Just be happy you cliq, xt and Blackflip owners are still scheduled to get updated to 2.1. Us devour owners will never get past 1.6 and probably won't see anymore maintenance updates.

The non American models get 0 updates, be glad you live in the US. The Milestone is still scheduled but I doubt it'll ever happen with the Milestone 2 around the corner.