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Clearwire no longer planning phones; Sony Ericsson drops lawsuit


Wow, seriously Sony? Those logos look plenty different. Look what happened to you when you sued Geo Hot.... your PSN has been drop kicked for the past month.

Silly Sony

There is very individuality in logo design these days. Look at all the companies that adopted the Nike-style "swoosh" after it became popular. You don't see Nike filing lawsuits everywhere. Get over yourself SE, you both have logos based on a circle and there is where the similarity and the confusion should end. Geez!

This also translates as, "We now know that Clearwire *can't* make a smartphone or respond to our lawsuit because they don't have any money."

I actually got a pack of napkins from a walgreens last year that had a pattern that looked exactly like clear's logo. Wish I remembered the brand. Clear should have sued the company that made those napkins.

Clear needs to stop worrying about phones and start worrying about getting this Wimax thing up to near LTE speeeds. That would be nice.

Only Helen Keller couldn't see the difference in these logo's. While I'm not a fan of Clear and their dumbcrap Wimax, this just seems to be bullying on SE's part.