If you have been waiting to see if you could get Google's HDMI dongle Chromecast for a lower price, you might want to check out Amazon and today as both sites are selling the device for $29.99.

In case you want to do the math, that's about $5 off the normal $35 price tag for the Chromecast. That's not a bad reduction for a device that offers users a way to stream content from their Android smartphone or tablet to their big screen TV. The deal comes just over a week after Republic Wireless offers customers a free Chromecast if they bought the Moto X for $299.99. What do you think of this price cut for the Chromecast and should it become permanent?

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Chromecast on sale for $29.99 at Amazon and


Correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears to be free shipping only for items over $35.00. So the cost of the shipping will determine if this is really a good deal. Otherwise, you might as well just drive to Best Buy and pick one up for $35.00.

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Buy two or more then? An extra one for backup or get more to giveway as gifts to friends/family? I think the $29 is a great price. These sell here in Canada for $39 before tax.

Per the Amazon web site's free shipping terms: "Ship your items to a single U.S. address.". Sorry, bro.

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If you buy it from the play store, you pay 35 but you get 3 months of Google music for free. I'm going that route! That's an awesome deal! By the way Google music is 10$ a month= $5 for the chromecast

I don't think its a specific deal to just the Play Store. I think its ALL Chromecast devices, period, which qualify for that deal. It is even advertised on Amazon's website.

That is a good deal, but I am a Music subscriber at $8/month since I've had it from back when they offered that price for a limited time. Either way, I think it is time to make the jump to Chromecast, even if I am not sure what I'll use it for.

Good deal. So Amazon, since you keep putting the Chromecast on sale and happily promoting it, when are you planning on getting around to actually SUPPORTING it? I'd use Amazon Instant Video if it had Chromecast support. Without it, I've never bothered to touch it.

I've still used it, mirroring or with a laptop, but only because it's often easier to buy one episode that my DVR might've missed than it is to find said episode available on Hulu or even direct from the channel's site. First world problems indeed.

Oh and you can trick Instant Video into working in an Android browser (turn off Silverkight and grab the right Flash plugin), only reason I use Dolphin, I'd kill for a native app tho.

DroidOn, it's free shipping for Amazon prime members.
I buy everything from soup to nuts on Amazon, I've saved a TON of money paying to be a prime member.
I get rather expensive dog food on Amazon.
I bet I pay for my prime membership in 6 months.

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Just went to best buy to pick one up (figured I could pay the extra 5 bucks to have it today) and turns out they're price matching Amazon. Worked out really good.

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The listing on Amazon says it still qualifies for free shipping on its own. I just put one in my cart and Amazon is covering the shipping charges. No need to find anything else to buy.

I honestly thought that $29.99 was the normal price. That's what I paid for mine a while back. I'll go ahead and order another for my bedroom.
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