Chrome ADB server at work

Until now, if you wanted to use ADB to "talk" to your phone you either installed the SDK, or copied files by hand, or used one of those toolkits (almost) everyone seems to love to recommend. On a Chromebook, things were even harder. Finding the right version of ADB and dependencies compiled for your architecture and putting them all in place, or giving in and installing another operating system so you could use the tools you might need to use was not what I would call user-friendly. That's all changing.

ChromeADB server

Koushik Dutta, a long-time Android developer and author of apps like Helium and Rom Manager (he's the ClockWorkMod guy), is working on something. Right now he's released a public version of a full blown ADB server for Chrome, that enables everything you need to get ADB up and running with a single install — even on a Chromebook. For the time being, it only works with the Nexus 5 and provides the simple interface from ChromeADB, an existing open-source Chrome app. But it does this without having to have ADB installed and running. Support for other devices is coming soon.

I powerwashed my Pixel to make sure I didn't have any leftovers from my own setup, then installed Koush's Chrome app. Everything worked on the first try. I like where this is going. I imagine we're going to soon see Chrome apps from Mr. Dutta to do the things we used to need Windows, OS X or a full Linux distro to do.

If you want to give this a try — remember, it's only working on the Nexus 5 for now — visit the source link for the download and more information.

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ChromeADB server is the start of something wonderful


We should never have to stop to explain who Koush is. If you don't know, look it up. It won't take long; he's credited with more android contributions than anyone else, publicly, at least.

While everyone gains from who he is, no one takes the time to promote him.

When I grow up I want to be half the developer he is... Instead of a corporate or government shill

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true, because people who are new to Android should automatically know who the big names in development are, or they should just take the effort to look them up. Of course if no one ever explains who they are, i don't know where anyone could go to look up info about them, but hey, that's not our problem. amirite?

Waaahhh, somebody disagreed with me and made fun of me for being an elitist snob, so I'm gonna insult him by calling him a word that I have no clue what it means, waaahh...where's my mommy's teat, I'm thirsty

Are you fucking serious right now???

How would I know how to spell a word like troglodyte if I don't know what it means, jackass? Get over're the moron who couldn't even think to Google someone's name to find out who they are. The name troglodyte stands for you, not only because you're too dense to perform even the most basic of tasks, but because you're too fucking stupid to even come up with something better than calling me an elitist, then resorted to mom jokes. That's totally mature. I swear -.-

"Right now he's released a public version of a full blown ABD server for Chrome,"

Should read:

"Right now he's released a public version of a full blown ADB server for Chrome,"

Not to be the elitist that is is going to come off as, but there are those that can adb, those that will learn adb and those that will screw up adb because they won't do either of the first two

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That's not elitist, it's true. Those are the people that are always asking for a 1 click root so they don't have to take the time to learn and when something gets messed up they're the first ones asking how to fix it. I'm no pro with ADB but I know enough to get by. First thing I did when I got my first Android phone (EVO 4G) was learn how to use it. Toast had a root method that required it and when, at the time, I didn't know what he meant by "in a shell" I knew I had some learning to do. A lot of people just want the work done for them.

Thanks. I really didn't want to come off as one of those guys.

We all have to learn somewhere if we want more out of our machines. I screwed the entire pooch the first time I tried to root. I had no clue what I did or anything. When, which is rare anymore, that I go to the forums that is what I always say when root comes up. Read, read, read

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I learned how to use ADB the hard way as well. My point was that it doesn't need to be that way. I think a browser plug in is a fantastic idea. If all someone needs is a quick way to use ADB for a few commands this is a great solution.

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cool. currently I have a crouton setup on my c720 to get my android coding done. works fine for now, but really cannot wait for google to finally close the loop and provide the world with a chrome-os android development solution.

No not at all. I am saying go read up on ADB instead of watching a video. The video will give you bits and parts. It will even walk you through stupid little stuff. Reading about it will give you the whole story

Cool, one more step in being able to get rid of my windows laptop. Now, if printing didn't require windows I'd be golden. (I'm not buying a new printer just to have cloud printing so I can buy a chromebook, lol). I wish they could print over the network like Linux can with CUPS.

Cool. The only thing I use my old Windows laptop for is running ADB and Odin for my Samsung phone.

Been thinking about getting a Chromebook. This is one for reason to do so.

Next phone won't be Samsung, I doubt, so no need for Odin.

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