Chrome update on HTC One

A quick heads up, folks, that the Chrome browser for Android has gotten an update today. The changelog is vague in the usual ways, noting "stability and security updates."

But for those who are using an HTC One, you'll need to download this new version right away, as it fixes a pretty annoying audio bug that would cause the phone to launch straight into speakerphone mode when placing a call — damned near deafening, thanks to that Boomsound thing blasting from the front-facing speakers. Not everyone saw this bug — but for those of us who did, this is a most welcome fix.


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Chrome update fixes audio bug that plagued the HTC One


Hmm I was having an issue with the audio of Vine videos in chrome. Or the lack of audio, really. I have to watch Vine videos in the vine app itself

Just because I'm curious, why wouldn't you want to use the app for that? Just a preference?

Nexus 5...enough said

When I try and open a Vine link in Plume, it seems like its sometimes faster to open the video up in Chrome rather than in the Vine app itself. I might be the only person who does that lol

Answering with speakerphone engaged has happened to me a few times on my EVO 4G LTE. Wonder if it's a similar issue or just me inadvertently hitting a button with my face....

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It's been happening to me on my Evo Lte as well. Don't know if it has to do with Chrome, just thought it was a 4.3 bug or something.

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I was wondering if anyone was having an issue where you were viewing something that had a link to view a video and chose to use the Chrome browser. But once you got to the site the video was playable, but with out audio. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

This article is mainly about an issue with the HTC One. You are much more likely to find people able to help you in the Samsung forums on this site, particularly the one for your specific phone.

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I know that, but I wanted to see if anyone had that same problem with a different phone.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

Well actually I read this bug was seen on the xperia z1 compact as well.. So seems chrome messed up a bunch of devices..

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Good to know! I was experiencing this on my One, and thought it was a bug in the Phone/Dialer app that was baked into KitKat...glad to hear that this should fix things up, but any idea how a bug in Chrome was causing this odd issue with speakerphone? They seem like pretty separate functions lol.

I had that bug.. Just updated and tried to make a call.. Still goes straight to speaker phone

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This is amazing news! I spent an entire weekend talking to Tmo and HTC trying to get to the bottom of this.

Installed and restarted... After 6 test calls it hasn't happened... Yet. We'll see.

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Thank goodness, I had this bug and it almost made me deaf a couple of times!

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Hmmm, and I thought this was a new feature. I liked that the phone started in speakerphone mode

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I had no idea this was a bug with Chrome!! I thought I had installed a mod for this and not realized it.
Does anyone know what Chrome had to do with the dialer?

After practically rupturing my eardrum a few times, I've trained myself to look for the blue speaker on symbol before placing the phone to my ear. Glad I don't have to bother with that anymore.

The issue didn't occur during every call, but it seems to be working normally since this update.

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Same with my HTC One X and my girlfriends Desire 500. But this fix did the magic.

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My phone has been doing that. I had no idea why I just assumed it was user error.

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I would have never known about this bug. I never use the earpiece. I use a bluetooth. I can't stand holding a phone to my ear. It's the 21st century for crying out loud

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Now I can't send any calls.. No ring after dialing any number, not sure whether it's my carrier, though I have full bars

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But at least that stupid bug has gone regarding the speakerphone!!! Sorry about all tho posts!

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I use TouchPal Contacts as my default dialer on my HTC One and I was getting the speaker phone too.
Thanks for the restart tip, I was wondering why just the update didn't do anything.

Wow never knew this was the cause for that annoying little bug. I swore it was something else I installed.

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Hate to burst your bubble. But the update DID NOT fix the issue.
Kit Kat
Chrome on auto update - have new update especially the one you claim fixes it.

Bad update for my N7 (2012) and N10. The app crashed on start and closed on both though it was okay on my N5 and N4. I had to uninstall updates then reinstall and it was fine. Lost all settings and bookmarks though.