ChromeIf you're using a ChromeBook or ChromeBox and are on the beta track, you'll want to check your settings. The beta track has been updated to version 29.0.1537.32, and brings along bug fixes, security patches and a handful of new and improved features.

For the hardcore nerd types, the big news is the move to the 3.8 kernel on the Pixel and the Samsung 550. Like all software, the kernel has more options and features as new versions are released. The biggest changes we expect to see will concern battery life on these two Intel-powered models.

In addition, there are improvements to immersive mode and monitor scaling, as well new features like drag and drop from the launcher to the shelf and a new consumer kiosk mode. Another nice change for those with multiple devices is wallpaper sync tied to your account. Finally, we see big improvements to search in the app launcher, as it will now "learn" as you search and direct you to the Chrome Web Store if no matching application is found.

To check for an update on your machine, just open chrome://help/ and restart when prompted.

Source: Chrome Releases blog


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Chrome OS beta channel updated for all devices


Wow, I just visited this site and went to check for the update and I'm updating my Samsung 5 550 as I type...the version number is different on the 5 550 Ver# 29.0.1547.23 beta. The biggest change that I've noticed is that they brought back the two finger swipe to go back and fwd on web pages...still exploring new features.

update: The full screen mode and button actually works.

Stupid question, is there any reason I shouldn't be using the beta?

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