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Google released the first beta version of Chrome for Android a couple of weeks ago, giving Android 4.0 phone and tablet owners the chance to try out the new mobile version of its web browser. Today Google's senior vice president of Chrome, Sundar Pichai, gave the first hints about which features to expect in upcoming releases, in an interview with CNET.

Answering a question on consumer reaction to Chrome for Android, Pichai said that two features in particular had been frequently requested -- full-screen browsing and a "request desktop page" option. Both features are present in the stock ICS browser, but neither is available in the current Chrome beta, but Pichai seems to indicate that may change in the future -- "both fully make sense", he says, but "we just want to do them correctly and well."

Of course, there've also been a few complaints about the lack of Flash support in Chrome for Android. On that subject, the king of Chrome says that the fate of Flash has already been decided by Adobe -- "following their road map, [Adobe] clearly said they'll not support Flash for mobile in the future."

Elsewhere in the interview, Pichai restates Google's commitments to Chrome OS and Chromebooks, despite continuing suggestions that Google's second OS should instead be rolled into a future Android release. He says, "we got a lot of positive feedback, and we are really looking forward to the next generation of Chromebooks."

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Chrome boss suggests full-screen browsing and desktop view coming to Chrome on Android


It would also be great if they added a "Save as..." or whatever they want to call it when you tap and hold on a link. Stock browser and Dolphin has it.

this was the ONLY feature I actually liked when I had my Galaxy Nexus before I dumped the piece of garbage and got back mt Droid Razr only now the Maxx , verison actually admitted of all the issues with the Gnex and offered the Maxx as a free replacement , Chrome browser on the phone was GREAT !!! Best mobile browser by far !!!!

No, we do NOT want a "Request Desktop Page" like we have in the stock ICS browser. We want to be able to set a toggle for ALL pages that pulls the desktop version of the page. The way that it's done in the stock browser is stupid. You have to request the desktop version of the page on every damn page that you go to.

Just let us set it once and forget it. Seriously. What's the big deal? We all have wifi. Most of us who has ICS have LTE (or will shortly), so why would you deliberately withhold a desktop browsing experience? If I'm on a 10-inch tablet connecting over wifi, why on earth would I want someone's mobile site? If I'm on a 4.3-inch phone on LTE or wifi, why one earth would I want someone's mobile site? The only reason NOT to get the desktop site is to either:

a) avoid Flash. (which Chrome won't support).
b) save bandwidth so you don't go over your cap (though caps are getting higher and many people use a lot of wifi)
c) avoid a painfully slow 3G browsing experience (why build for the 3G past when you can build for the LTE future?).

You don't have to make it a default, just give your users the OPTION to permanently set it.

I enjoy Chrome on both the Galaxy Nexus and the TF Prime. Instinctively, I open the stock browser but I try to use Chrome more often. I prefer mobile sites on the phone and desktop sites on the tablet, naturally, but I hate having different bookmark folders Synced between the two for mobile and desktop view. Am I missing something?

And about flash, I've yet to have any problems regarding flash support.

Yes, as it's so nice of Google to leave the other 90+ percentile of non-ICS user base....<_<

I LIKE having the permanent search bar at the top. Being that Google saw fit to get rid of the search key ON the GN. The way you have to get to the search area on the stock browser is too slow.