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Chrome's toolbar now hides automatically when scrolling down webpages

A new build is available for Chrome Beta users, moving the beta app's version to 27.0.1453.49. Those that have stuck with the stable version of Chrome might be persuaded to come over to the dark side thanks to the latest awesome feature: fullscreen mode.

Upon scrolling down a webpage, Chrome's toolbar will now completely disappear, giving a boost to the precious screen real estate that web page content can use. If a a web address needs to be typed in or the menu needs to be accessed, scrolling up will quickly restore the toolbar. This feature is currently for phones only.

Tablets get their own exclusive feature as well. Holding the browser back button will reveal a drop down area, with previously viewed tabs displayed in a vertical list. Viewing tab history doesn't get any easier.

All devices also receive a new and improved search function. Now when a search term is entered into the omnibox (address bar), it will stay in the omnibox -- instead of being replaced with a web address upon searching. This not only makes it easier to go back and edit search terms, but it eliminates the need for displaying a search box within the webpage, allowing more search results to be seen on the page.

Client-side certificate support was added to this release as well, allowing access to sites that require the use of a certificate. Users are given the option to select their desired certificate from any that are currently installed.

Expected bugs with this beta build include some lag and page flicker, as well as duplicate history items. If you don't already have Chrome Beta installed, follow the link at the top. Full release notes can be found below.

Source: Chrome Releases Blog

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still1 says:

Nice!! cant wait for stable release

n0obpr0 says:

Well, for those who cried many times about fullscreen mode on happy now =D!

Tell that to Kyle Cousino. According to his review on the Play Store, he finds the fullscreen feature annoying and unnecessary.

Walkop says:

Absolutely fantastic reference! Kudos to you, haha - I saw that review as well.

mazzmoney95 says:

Didn't the iPhone get this feature a day or or two ago? Surprised they got it before android users did (and theirs is stable)

zepekit says:

Now we just need it for tablets aswell. More screen real estate on the nexus 7 would be great.

etnpnys says:

Fullscreen = FINALLY!!!!

I was quite disappointed to hear that iOS users got it a few days ago and here we were in Google's own boat and we didn't even have it in beta.

ilongbored says:

>print Fullscreen

... not sure what you're trying to do here... ;). Strings should be quoted though.

Marbash says:

Well, opera has done this with most of their browsers for quite a while. So... Welcome aboard Google.

zero3187 says:

I had fullscreen mode on the browser that came with my old Thunderbolt. I don't think it's so great. Hopefully that's a feature I can toggle off once it's released in the stable version.

Our long national nightmare is over... CHROME FULLSCREEN BABY

Statusnone says:

Well slap my ass and call me Charlie...

superm1 says:

I wonder why iOS also got print support and that's still missing from android chrome.

jeffrok says:

Because it's easier to write an app for a nonfragmented OS.

jaytuduri says:


solid_s_1117 says:

Now it feels like 2013.

brendilon says:


I can see this being a big deal if you have, say, a 3.7" screen... but I've never had an issue with the screen realestate shown in Chrome on my Nexus 4.

Brettbesa says:

Downloaded on my Nexus 7 for the fullscreen mode, but the toolbar is still always up on the top. Am I missing something?

tim242 says:

IT IS NOT FULL SCREEN!!! Full screen removes the notification bar.

littleemp says:

Use Paranoid Android ROM = True fullscreen everything.

yeti#CB says:

Until they have text reflow implemented this browser is utterly useless! Doesn't even come close to speed and functionality of Firefox or even Dolphin. The only thing that works better in chrome is syncing. Google and some chrome fans might believe fullscreen is a revolution but as long as I have to swipe from left to right and back to read something in a readable font size forget this POS browser.

Channan says:

Text reflow is stupid, and all other browsers render pages terribly even if they are a bit faster. I've tried switching from Chrome a few times but I can't stand how webpages on other browsers look.

RgnKjnVA says:

I wouldn't say text reflow is 'stupid', it can help make the mobile online experience much better for some. Keep in mind, not everyone has 20/20 vision and there is no universal preference for device distance and therefore readability. I also wouldn't say Chrome is 'useless' without it.

I've just tried about every Android browser that I trust enough to install and, IMO, Chrome does just render things 'better' or more true to the desktop experience. With regard to text size, I've found that going into Accessibility and increasing the font size percentage, 115% for me personally, and checking the zoom override option mitigates most of the need for reflow since the default text size will be fairly large. On pages with already large text, a quick double-tap zooms back down to the original, large size. *shrug* Not exactly awesome but I'll have to live with it apparently.

I'm pretty disappointed that reflow has been abandoned but I also understand it's a lot for a dev team to take on and if it doesn't happen quickly and effectively, they get an earful. Ideally, would be nice to have a reflow extension so the burden is lifted from the Chrome dev team.

GS4/Android 4.3

asd216 says:

So hostile for reason. Lol

Finally! Still missing option to get rid of the status bar on top and even the unnecessary (biggest design flop) soft buttons that should have been used for browsing and other apps...