Yesterday we saw screenshots allegedly from a dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy S4 variant destined for the China Unicom carrier. Today we're getting an even closer look at the handset in question, courtesy of a leaked video that's come to light on the same Chinese forum, 52Samsung. The footage gives us a brief hardware tour, confirming the presence of a removable back cover and battery, microSD support and -- on this model at least -- dual SIM capabilities.

Just as we saw in yesterday's leaked images, the device looks a lot like a larger Galaxy S3, and appears to be running a re-vamped version of Samsung's TouchWiz Nature UX -- although things don't appear to have changed significantly on the software side.

Check out the leaked footage above, and as always, remember Samsung's history of putting out several versions of upcoming products to keep its true intentions secret. Whatever form the Galaxy S4 eventually takes, we won't have long to wait to see the finished article. We'll be live in New York City this Thursday with full coverage of the announcement event.

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Chinese 'Samsung Galaxy S4' appears in leaked video footage

LOL at the iPad training going on in the background. Sounds like it was for the iPad Mini. And I hope this isn't it. Too much of the same.

Lol why is the apple commercial is running in the background?! Seems very weird for a leaked s4! Besides I don't like the design it looks like a mix of s2 & s3 but a bit larger!!

I hope Samsung moves away from plastic and till now in Android Sony xperia z has the best design but lets hope that this isn't the last design of s4 but il wait till the 14th

If it is the S4 i can live with the looks. I learned to appreciate the S3 after a while, but i REALLY dont want a white or blue phone so I hope they launch it with black as an option.

Tiny little speaker on the back. It looks like A Note.

HTC one is the best looking phone out right now and Samsung is gonna release this? They really are copying Apple now by releasing the same phone.

That tiny little speaker on the back was the BEST speakers on any smartphone in 2012 when it it appeared on the Galaxy Note 2. If Samsung did that with enhancements for the Galaxy S4 then sound quality will be at it's highest standard. As far as design Samsung doesn't have to change to much because we who own Samsung devices all ready know what's most important. That's software development and features implementation which NOBODY in android does better in that area than Samsung. With the Exynos 5 Octa processor nothing will be better than the Galaxy S4 in 2013 until the Galaxy Note 3 of course.

The Exynos will probably not come to the US, just like last years quadcore. There will be some BS excuse about it not working with LTE or some crap. Plus this phone has not even launched and it leaked with 4.2.1.

I have an S3, after seeing what HTC did with the stereo speakers in front, I am loving that idea. I like my S3, it is a great phone, once I unlocked it from Samsung and Verizons clutches and put Clean Rom on it, w/ Google Wallet. But don't drop it.

I can tell you after touching and playing with the HTC 8X and the Lumia 920, the Samsung phones are not the best, just the best at marketing it. Maybe they did take a page from Apple on that one.

If American users are cheated by not getting the 8 core Exynos processor then we should all just wait for the Motorola X phone! I like Qualcomm but c'mon. Give us something comparable. Teach Samsung a lesson not to compromise and give us 2nd best! It's called competition for a reason.

I thought the iPad mini video running in the background was hilarious. Regardless it looks like the S4 will be a revamped S3.

How has it failed? By providing the SD slot that everyone and their dog has been asking for on Nexus devices? By providing an HD display?

I call fake. Look how long it takes to do things. Could easily be a fake casing made by a friend who works at the same factory that made the S3 mini fake, using the guts of a Huawei D2.
Show us the Samsung chips on the circuitboard etc.

What is wrong with you losers?! I think it looks great! I love how the the metallic ring encapsulates the thickness of the phone. Yet it changes thickness with the curvature of the back. Very dynamic design. I like the speaker grill away from the camera and flash. I never liked that 3 portals in a line look on the S3. The back looks much better than the S3. This could be a fake, but if it wasnt I would definitely welcome the design! I think you losers are afraid to say that you like it bc you are afraid other people might criticize you personally. What a bunch pathetic dorks you all are.

Oh STFU. Losers? Dorks? What is this, 1992? If people don't like it, they don't like it. You better run off now, mommy is calling you to din din.

Hey moron no matter what was leaked, the majority of people will always say it's ugly! None of these sheep want to be the first say "Oh I love it!". And speaking of 1992, what the hell does "your mommy is calling you to din din" even mean in this context?! It's 7 am! and nobody who follows AC is under the age of 18 dumbass.

I think the HTC one looks amazing on initial impression. This plastic s4 leak, while consistent and totally plausible by Samsung's standards, does not impress.

When the HTC One was revealed the majority of people said it was a great looking device. So, no.

Why so much hate? They sold a ton of S3s, why would they change? Also they probably feel this is a safe design as far as lawsuits go.

If ya don't like it don't buy it. Can't get much simpler than that.

You want thick look at the HTC one, its virtually a centimetre thick, what is this 2008? Build quality is easy if you use a big old slab of metal.

Normally I'd agree, but in this case, it actually makes sense - it fits the orientation of the phone, which fills most of the frame.

Sure, it'd be letter boxed on a TV, but who's going to see it that way? As an embedded online video, works fine.

After the video, when associated videos pop up, did anyone see the Rozeked(?) s4 video with the 3d holographic keybaord/dock included with the s4? I never saw that one, but what a concept. To good to be real, has to be a fake. Phone they show is wicked thin. To thin for a removable battery imo. Cool to watch though.

Plastic is for babies. When is Samsung going to empower its design team to use quality materials? It looks just like the S3, which doesn't look much different from my S2. It's like they've been using the same design since 2010. Not impressed if this is the final design.

Plastic is a modern material, tough & cheap & easily mass-produced. Glass & Metal are ancient, high-cost, easy to scratch & break. Stop drinking the Apple (& the financially poor HTC) coolaid.

I've been waiting for this phone and I don't mind if it should look the same as the S3, however, if it is bigger I'm gonna have to pass. The S3 was on the edge of being too big as it was. I'll pick up an Optimus G instead as I will never again touch or even consider another HTC.

Okay the teaser video make sense now with the Oreo in it. White back black front they will all be two different colors cool.

Pass... Going to wait until Key Lime Pie devices come out to upgrade... My Nexus 4 is plenty fast enough. Never could get into Samsung's design of their phones. Too cheap looking. I owned a Galaxy Nexus and though I loved the initial shock factor of the Amoled screen I soon grew tired of the over saturated colors and ridiculous tints. Samsung isn't my cup of tea for smartphones. I pray to the tech gods that the next Nexus device is from HTC since its obvious they care more about build quality than Samsung.

2 Days until we get to see the real thing. Buuuuttt, as it stands now, it looks like the HTC One will win this round for me. You cant compare that sexy phone with this mediocre looking phone.

Plus... fuck touchwiz.

Samsung can cram as many gimmicky features as they want into touchwiz but it still won't overcome the ABOMINATION of that UI design.

:) Ive been intending to use AOSP since the GS1, and i currently have a GSII running CM10.1 And to be honest, AOSP is a bit limited. The camera software is almost always worse than anything else out there, and everything else is very basic. Which ive gotten tired of that, which is why im looking forward to the HTC One. Its got looks, its got bells, and its got whistles.

Call me crazy, but i just might need a change for a little. The SGS4 will have a chance with me if TouchWiz is toned down not so damn colorful.

I agree, HTC One is a great design. Android is not supposed to have a home button anymore. I hate that Samsung is still using one.

... The One has a hardware home button... and anything Nexus has a soft home button... so yea... youre wrong..

launcher replacements do not change things like the phone apk or notification shade or system ui which is all nasty in touchwiz.

But custom ROMs do, and thats easier on Samsung. If people hated the UI and plastic back the S3 wouldn't be the best selling Android by a mile.

If the Galaxy Note 8 is any indication of Samsungs design cues. This is more than likely the Galaxy S4.

I think I will pass on the GS4.. I'll either pick up the HTC One or the Xperia Z (either way my Nexus 4 will be my daily driver)
The biggest thing about the S4 will be software features, features I will never use.

I think this is not going to be the official S4 released on thursday. Remember last year there was also a so called leak right before release and it turned out to be fake or at least not what the final product turned out to be. Samsung definitely needs to step there hardware game up. I'm a little disappointed software wise too. I was hoping Samsung would put a better design on touchwiz.

I was hoping to be blown away, but this will do. And in regards of dummy cases, this doesn't look like one of them.

Here's my question: How can the camera shutter actuate without him touching the screen or anything? See 1:42 - 1;47 in the video. Not sure if this device is real or not. It seems like a step back as far as thickness. Thankful for the removable back though.

Edit: Nevermind. Maybe that's the new eyetracking feature?

The sound is out-of-sync with the video. The part where he presses the shutter appears several seconds after the sound.

looks just like the note 2 and i love the design. i think the home button is much better than whats on the gs3. if this is what it looks like ill probably buy one.

That's the point, taller, slimmer and easier to hold in the hand.. that's what Sammy is shooting for.

I think it looks good.

*Yawn*, I'll pass, waiting for the new Nexus device. Don't really see why Samsung and HTC are the only ones hanging on so dearly to the crappy capacitive hardware buttons. It's evident Google wants to get rid of buttons on the actual device and Sony, Motorola as well as a bunch of other smaller companies are doing just that. Why do the two companies I think have the most promise keep this garbage on their phones, it's a complete waste of screen space. Also, these are the only two companies that are still going out of their way to make their UI's look as different as possible to Vanilla AOSP. Everyone else is embracing this wonderful 4.x.x user interface and mildly adding their little twist to it but not HTC or Samsung, they have to bloat it up with crappy UI's nobody cares about (at least very few do.)

Its because Google are WRONG about software keys, you have your view i have mine. How do hardware keys restrict screen space?? Its the other way around i assure you.

You say no one cares about the 'crappy' IU of HTC or Samsung, yet the S3 alone sells more in 3 days than the N4 has in its entire run so far. I have news for you.. No one cares about the stock UI.

Lol@you. 98% of the people using the S3 scrapped that sh*tty touchwiz UI the second they got the device in order to put CM, AOKP or AOSPA on it. All of which are STOCK AOSP based roms. As for the hardware keys, at this point they are complete waste. Within the next 5 or so years there most likely will not be a bezel on the front of a smartphone, it will be completely screen. It's so funny how because you don't like softkeys that must mean google (a billion dollar company) does not know what they are doing. If that is the case why is it that HTC and Samsung are the only two companies of value still using hardkeys?

Maybe you should look at statistics before exclaiming your opinion as fact. You came off quite ridiculous.

Im not a huge fan of the S3 design, far from it, so id like something a little harder, industrial for the S4, but even if its the same design, Samsung phones are just better than the rest. They are developer friendly, no locked bootloaders or other such crap, they update their international devices quicker than most (dont care about the US carriers and their issues).
I like the plastic back, its harder to break, and if it does it costs very little to replace. The rest of the hardware is also better. Exynos is awesome, AMOLED is awesome, having a replaceable battery and SD card is awesome, the physical home key is awesome.

Weird that the "introducing ipad mini" is playing in the backround...maybe a prototype scrapted back in October.

Not sure what some people were expecting. There are only so many ways you can make a slab with a screen look, especially while trying to maintain brand identity. I also don't understand the plastic hatred. Face it, plastic is a better material for a phone than aluminum and especially glass. If you drop it, it bounces. If you drop aluminum or glass it will either shatter, chip, or dent. And as far as plastics go, Samsung uses high quality and durable plastics, and their fit and finish is top notch. And, if you're smart, you'll cover whatever it is with a protective case anyway. I got a Galaxy Note 2 a couple weeks ago and the build quality is the best of any phone I've ever owned and I've had something from just about every brand.

So, the important thing...what's inside? :)

There is a little white or crome thing on this phone that does not show in the teaser photo. (The lack is mentioned in the post about the teaser photo.) I think this is just another KIRF, ripping off the Samsung name.