Although this device in the video seems real enough, there are some downright interesting (and even strange) features in this alleged Chinese Android Dream G2 phone. The green 'droid charger seems a bit too cartoon-ish (albeit cute) for those of us in the States, but could be very popular in the Asian markets. It's also a bit hard to accept the addition of a stylus when T-Mobile's G1 has taught us to use our fingertips. Then again, if this device is without a slideout keyboard and a user wishes for another option besides a software keyboard for input, the stylus could make sense. The video also shows the user implementing the stylus with handwriting recognition - Graffiti?

The multimedia capabilities of the phone in this video are on display with a movie sample and some music. The stylus is used throughout for navigation - again, a bit puzzling in my mind and seems a little like a step backward. The stylus could be dispensed with altogether if the software keyboard is on par with the likes of the iPhone, but having a keyboard of that quality may be difficult with the choice of a resistive-touchscreen, which may very well be the type of screen used in this new device. Thanks very much to Tallbruva for the heads-up on this video!

[YouTube, Tallbruva]

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george21 says:

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tdssk says:

Sciphone Android Dream G2 very cool, i find the detail description about this Dream G2 Phone,

Razor1973 says:

Fake. Look at minute 2:22. It says "My contract is empty" when you press Contacts. ContrRact! Ha!

Mark H says:

Its fake just like the fake iPhones out there. That should have been mentioned in the post. Even the graphics are crummy and a stylus is used just like the fake Iphone.

HellYeah says:

Yea, its fake, I have the G1 which i might add i love(this coming from a lover/owner of many blackberry's). This fake "G2" shows no improvements to the G1. Its actually more choppy....

Tallbruva says:

After sending the link to the video I decided to check on where to buy this and how much it costs. So here it is:

I saw some inconsistencies in the video. Notice that on the T-Mobile G1 when you swipe, the background moves. The "Dream" doesn't; only the desktop moves. Go down to "Smart System" on the above link. It says: "Simulated android look and feel only does not support real Android applications." Explains why there's no Android Market anywhere. So the biggest advantage of the G1 is void. Like getting a knock-off watch (or handbag if you're a girl :)

What I don't understand is why they would go thru so much trouble to simulate Android when it's free? Add to that, they want $175 for it. Not a very impressive pricing strategy considering one could get a real G1 for $3 more along with 3G, which the Chinese version doesn't have.

One last thing. "Cheap Chinese cell-phones" - how many of us realize that the (arguably) best made cell phone over the past two years (iPhone) is made in China? Also HTC is Taiwanese. And depending on which way you view things, it's part of either the Republic of China or the Peoples Republic of China. So, no matter how you cut it, the G1 is a Chinese phone too :-)

When you travel in China you see stylus driven devices like the A1200 everywhere.

No idea why but I dont write in Chinese.

Dave says:

Despite the fake phone and pointlessly-simulated look/feel, I have to give him kudos in one area: Finally someone has learned how to shoot a video of a cell phone screen that you can actually see!

Though the handset is a letdown, apparently the camcorder is a winner. Maybe the creator of this video would be kind enough to post a howto for all the other slobs out there posting superfuzzy clips!

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Cut those nasty fingernails man!!!!!!!!!!!

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jans#AC says:

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[...] [Via Android Central] [...]

[...] [Via Android Central] [...]

[...] [Via Android Central] [...]

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AndroidT says:

I used to be a BIG fan of the Palm IIIc and loved using the graffiti back then but now that there are touch screens and actual keyboards on more and more smart phones I'm not sure how viable this would be. Maybe for the folks nostalgic for using a sylus this might fly but I think that ship has sailed a long time ago.

[...] Le Dream G2 est une machine fort étrange. D’une, on ne sait pas trop d’où elle provient. Et de deux, l’Android embarqué semble plus puissant et plus complet que le système d’exploitation que l’on connaît sur le G1 d’HTC : on y retrouve en effet Google Reader, Notebook et Docs… [...]

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[...] [via Android Central] [...]

[...] AndroidGuys, AndroidCentral] Share and [...]

Seems like so many lawsuits waiting to happen - albeit its in China

Also its has the same resolution cap as the Kogan Agora which postponed its launch for that very reason:

,Michael Martin Google And Blog

rafael says:

how setup intenet for sciphone dream g2 please

Anonymous says:

can someone just tell me how to use the damn thing. I am having trouble accessong my pictures me

The attention that this phone is getting sends a clear messages that the combination of the Android platform on an affordable mobile phone will be popular. More Chinese mobile phones with Android will continue to emerge because of this. Of course the quality and features will improve over time. Kudos to the creators of this first attempt.

We have the Dream G2 available for purchase.

Chris says:

This is a top phone and is made by a quality manufacturer. A lot of people are rubbishing it, but where do you think most of the good phones are made anyway, including Sony and Nokia - yes China.

For a good price and service please see

Anonymous says:

well just to add that i thi its a great phone for what you pay for if your expecting an astronauts phone ask nasa the g2 is great people dont understand what comes from china but be prepared

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The stylus could be dispensed with altogether if the software keyboard is on par with the likes of the iPhone, but having a keyboard of that quality may be difficult with the choice of a resistive-touchscreen, which may very well be the type of screen used in this new device.

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The attention that this phone is getting sends a clear messages that the combination of the Android platform on an affordable mobile phone will be popular..

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The attention that this phone is getting sends a clear messages that the combination of the Android platform on an affordable mobile phone will be popular.

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