Adidas Live Wallpaper

Show your nations pride this World Cup time and play with balls!

Two years ago adidas launched a live wallpaper app for Android to help celebrate the Euro 2012 football championships. Now, it's World Cup time and it's back with a pretty sweet update that still lets you play with balls! The tournament is going down right now in Brazil – with the hosts kicking things off in style in the opening game – and this live wallpaper is just the ticket to help you cheer on your team!

Adidas Live Wallpaper

So, what's new this time out? The 2D view of old makes a return accompanied by a brand new 3D view that represents the legendary Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. As you swipe around between your different homescreens the view rotates around the stadium. There's also a "Battle mode" which is a little confusing, and just seems to be the same thing but tied into a range of adidas football footwear.

You can still tap the football around the screen as before in 2D mode, while in 3D you get to take a shot at goal. Once you've chosen your favorite team – go England! – you'll get a nice big flag in the center circle and also new for this year is the Brazuca clock widget.

It's a free download so head on over to the Play Store at the link up top to grab it for yourselves. Be sure to leave us a line in the comments and let us know who you're shouting for this year!


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Cheer your team at the World Cup with Adidas Live World Cup Wallpaper!


Same thing I thought at first but if you check the extra features you'll see why

Posted via Android Central App

I checked this out yesterday and found it to be far too busy to be a useful wallpaper. It really only works with nothing overtop of it.

Let's go Azzurri!
I tried it, got rid of it after the initial meh factor wore off. I like the clock widget although the thermometer doesn't seem to work.

Brazil kicking off in style? If diving and assault are stylish you know little of football..

Posted via Android Central App

In before ads, permission explosion, spyware, analytics rape and other assorted disgraceful behaviour.