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A quick heads up to those of you rocking BBM on Android that a handful of new — and big — features are on the way, and currently in beta testing on BlackBerry's own Beta Zone. First and foremost is the addition of BBM Channels and BBM Voice. There's also improved file sharing, and more than 100 new emoticons.

Again, BlackBerry is running the beta out of its Beta Zone, and not through Google Play's excellent beta track, so you've got to be one of the chosen ones to get in on the action for now.

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Channels, Voice coming to BBM for Android


Any idea what it means by improved file sharing? I'd really like if they would bring picture sharing to group chats.

Ive gone back to MMS because of this and the fact that the pictures are compressed down to nothing, like 10kb. Its 2014, I have 6 gigs of data on LTE, stop restricting me!! Requesting the higher version is just a burden and annoying. Hangouts does a nice job with basic picture MMS. I wish it could do more though, sending contacts on my blackberry was awesome, i hate copy and pasting from all over the OS

But does the person sending the picture to you have that kind of data plan? 1gb a month is the norm in Canada for a new contract unless you have a loyalty plan. Other parts of the world such as Europe might not have great plans like in the US.

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Don't worry about Europe, we have unlimited data plans, so limites like 1GB , 6GB an so on still there with some contracts , but most people use unlimited option :)

I'm sure Europe does, but my point is that not everyone has one. A quick glance at O2 in UK shows, 750mb for a new contract and 4G is hit and miss. As for me, I'd rather have a small file sent to me, if I really want it, I don't mind tapping the button for HQ. Some people with really good SLR camera take big 5-10mb pictures, which I don't want bbm'd to me.

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When the picture is open, you can "Request Higher Quality Picture" from the sender. If they Accept then it sends the original size. The sender has to the option to Decline because of data cap, not on Wifi, don't want to, whatever they want to tell you.

What's BBM? Didn't we cover it before? Big Bowel Movement?

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*yawn* reading this made me almost fall off my seat. What is a 'BBM?' /s

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

Seems like blackberry might just be a software company now
But its at least good to see there not giving up on this

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Wait what?

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

I dont want to use BBM. I want to use Hangouts on my Android. But for some reason, IOS has voice calling in their Hangouts before Android.

ive tried using hangouts multiple times as my SMS replacement app, but it constantly seems to lag on my GS4, the messages wont appear for maybe 15-30sec after they appear in my default sms app, not sure why, anyone else have this problem?

I'd rather give it a total redesign. 100 new emoticons?? I can barely see the ones that I already have. Too small!!

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One wonders if BlackBerry bought this kind of coverage, where A.C. prints every BBM press release, when BlackBerry bought the "Talk Mobile"sponsorship?

Not sure why else this is even worthy of front page rank otherwise.

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I wonder how many people actually use this service on android? I can't imagine many. But that's just me.