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Still. Google+ Hangouts with up to nine other people on a Galaxy Nexus are pretty damn sweet. But you still can't (yet) start a hangout from a phone, right?

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Chances are you won't be this cool with your Galaxy Nexus


"But you still can't (yet) start a hangout from a phone, right?"

Exactly, what a stupid commercial. We can not even do this unless someone uses a PC to start the Hangout. Lamesville.

What a lame ad!.. are there seriously such juvenile people out there? I wish they'd select a different target audience to advertise this phone to.

I think this is just one target audience they are aiming at, not the only one. I also think this is a great ad, and may be suggesting that hangouts will soon be available to be initiated from a phone with ICS (which officially at the moment is only the Galaxy Nexus).

bah the galaxy Nexus, I heard the galaxy S2 is faster in overall performance, I was about to get it today and checked out a couple reviews saying the same thing, so I will hold up for the next quadcore device next year Q1.

What was that trying to sell, anyway? I could only see and hear one friend at a time?

Were they advertising google plus, ICS, or a phone? I didn't see the point of the ad. That was more pointless than the Droid kung fu robot ads.

Did you not see the thumbnails on top of the screen, I would assume you can select whoever is in your party you want to see or hear, typical for the "nerds" to write something off without actually using the product.

The point of ads is to illustrate to potential customers why they want to try the product. If there were thumbnails, they were not easy to see in that ad.

Just because Google (or Apple) made a product does not mean I want to try it.

The ad sucks. The product may be awesome... Who can tell from what little they show of it in the ad?

"Who can tell from what little they show of it in the ad?"

Exactly so why bitch and moan about it if you choose not to use it or from lack of info in an ad? Wait for more info before you judge it its that simple, you people dont seem to get that its always judge now and not know for sure.

Im just glad to see google actually advertising the thing. :) Its fun and simple. Exactly what google needs to advertise this phone to the masses. Us nerds know the power behind the Nexus and thats all that matters

A lot of marketing is directed at children/teens these days.

Almost 100% of the popular music industry is producing music for tweens, too. That's why the music these days often sounds like a repeat (kids haven't been alive long enough to notice that it has been done before!)... and that's why the music completely lacks depth.

The juvenile world is where the money is at!!!

Beside that, this ad attempts to demonstrate some sort of special, social connectivity feature. This is important to social youngsters... who are soaking in hip hop love.

Did the definition of cool change or something? that ad is lame as hell as well as beat boxing to your friends over video chat lol

You nerds need to lighten up. This was not a bad commercial. It got the point across (unless you're an idiot that needs everything spelled out) and most people like it.

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