The special live #CESlive coverage begins from South Hall on Tuesday. In the meantime, catch all of our pre-CES special live coverage at our CES hub here.

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NoNexus says:

FIRST off I am pissed I am not there, especially since my wife and daughter leave for Vegas in the morning. I know they are celebrating milestone birthdays and all, but would it be so bad to take the old man along? I would spend all day at CES while they go to strip clubs or whatever they do that I don't want to know about.

I would more than likely spend less on gadgets than they will ...

And look good doing it i suppose?

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jimbo says:

I think AC needs to recode your links.

The dagger.

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Jeremy626 says:

#ceslive.... really? you really need a HASHTAG for this? and it's so generic too... pretty lame tbh.

Well, we're at CES. And it's live. So....?


yankeesusa says:

If it is so lame then what do you suggest?