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So how are you guys celebrating Valentines Day? Taking that special someone out for a romantic candlelit dinner? Perhaps a bunch of roses, chocolates, Champagne? Or, will you be downloading games from the Android Market? Gameloft would like to think it would be the latter of those choices, and in celebration will be reducing the price of its Android catalogue to $0.99/£0.99. 

Seriously though, if you're not fortunate enough to be celebrating with a loved one, why not drop a buck on something like Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. Sure fire cure for any Valentines blues. It's likely to be a one day only deal, so make sure you don't miss out on the juicy bargains. 

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Celebrate Valentines Day with Gameloft, games for $0.99


warning: MC3 is a fun game but there is a HUGE BUG in multiplayer! It rarely ever saves rank or points, making it Very frustrating! Many reviews in the market reporting this but still for 3 months now no response or update for a fix.

Sweet! can't wait to download that huge library of games that gameloft has to offer for my Transformer Prime.....oh wait :/

Same here :[ do you know if they will be working on games for the ICS for the future?

Edit: or does anyone have any experience running mobile android games on a 10" tablet??

I have a few games (Modern Combat 3, NOVA 2, Asphalt 6, 9MM) from them that actually run and look great on my Xoom WiFi with ICS, and also on my Galaxy Nexus. They're probably trying to figure out how to make them work on Tegra 3 processors.

I would love to download MC3 or Order & Chaos. . . too bad those games don't work for either my Rezound (720p screen not supported) or my Acer Iconia a100 (7" honeycomb not supported). Ugh . . .

Good luck anybody owning any device other than a Samsung device or if your on VZW bcoz I've had several phones thru VZW the Eris,Dinc, Bionic,& Rezound &i have hardly ever found a game that is a supported game thru Gameloft. Of unless it's a stinking pile of crap game they are somehow ported right away for all devices.

First off its only on Gameloft's website. Secondly, according to their twitter account, the sale is only for apple products.

Only on Apple products? That blows!! Everything for Android is still regularly priced on their website so I'll check back later. Maybe they'll come to their senses.

Ironically, the only titles at .99¢ are Asphalt 6 (Adrenaline), Block Breaker, Oregon Trail and Platinum SOLITAIRE 3 ... lol.

The host of premium titles are all at their respective regular price points as of 10:53 AM EST, February 14, 2012; maybe they meant next year 2013?

Even the sales on iOS aren't great from gameloft. Modern Combat anything, N.O.V.A 1/2, Backstab, etc are all NOT on sale for iOS. It's all things like TinTin and Asphalt 6 on sale. In general, not a great gameloft sale for any platform.

No follow-up from the author? A little explanation or at least verifying that there was some sort of misinformation would be appreciated.

Misinformation you say? I kindly direct you towards this link. As i'm based in the UK, and my source for the article is UK based, the only thing misinformed here is that the information from Gameloft originally wasn't specific towards different offers in different countries.

Used the link, was able to get the page to my phone via Chrome to phone however when I went to pay it told me my phone number was illegal for purchase of the game. Guessing locked out if not in UK. My number is in USA.

I Hate that I love Gameloft games so much...

The WORSE part?

Their games only work on couple models, switch devices, upgrade, get tegra 3, and *POOF* only thing that shows up is uno....

come on, help me help you. Gameloft I want to give you my money, but you don't let me...

so here I sit playing with my tegra 3 based transformer prime, playing non-Gameloft games...

not even a friendly way to suggest new models for testing, or a way to offer to beta test your programs on new devices. I would beta test your programs for free if you let me, for FREE!

NOT even a suggestion box conveniently to be found

Gameloft, you kill my inner child...