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Current users have until the shut down date to download their data through

After years of service to its web and mobile users, Catch Notes has made the difficult decision to shut down its services. One of a growing number of free note-taking apps, Catch Notes offered the capturing of voice, photo, and text for use online and offline, as well as checklists, reminders, and collaboration between friends.

Service will shut down after August 30, which is why the company urges all users to download their data from the website before the deadline. Full directions are available at the Catch Help Center.

Disenfranchised users will likely be looking for other services to replace their beloved Catch. Evernote offers free and subscription-based services, while Springpad offers all of its services free of charge. There is also Google's official app Keep, which offers a simpler solution. Check out the Applications Forum for more ideas.

Source: CatchThanks Rachel!

Catch has made the difficult decision to take the company in a different direction. As such, we will be terminating service next month. We value our users and have greatly enjoyed providing Catch to millions of people over the last several years, but it is time for us to move on.

Catch will no longer be available after 30 August 2013. Please follow these directions to download your data before this time.

We thank you for your support. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at We apologize if we are not able to respond to all emails.

- The Catch Team


Reader comments

Catch Notes service shutting down after Aug. 30


While I do like Evernotes, I too think its over priced for the paid account.

Evernotes has steadily grown in power over the years. You can store almost anything there and organize it easily. You can even host a web page page and make a public link to it.

That being said the death of CATCH.COM might affect many users, because it was used as a backend for several popular apps in the Play store and even for some IOS apps.

Long ago I ran akNotepad and had totally forgotten that it had a back end for backup. Sure enough, I still had a account languishing out there which this story reminded me to salvage.

... for you. Catch has free collaborate note taking, in Evernote you have to buy the upgrade. Catch has a simple to-the-point layout without clutter, Springpad and Evernote don't.

My first reaction is : Why didn't he took a screenshot instead of doing a picture of the phone? Hehe!

Personally : Evernote is best. Once Keep adds Labels/Folders and ability to share, I'll uninstall Evernote (enough for my needs). Everything else just can't keep up.

I use Evernote, and Keep. They're both great and offer a different type of service. I'm not sure how Google updated Keep in Android 4.3 as it looks exactly the same, it even has the same note colours.

Not going to go with keep, until it gets some attention. It looks ripe for a spring cleaning, because its nothing but a front end for Google Drive, so having it as a separate app seems like a waste of space.

I find Evernote way more powerful due to the type of things it can store, plus Evernotes can even be used by Google Now by saying "note to self" followed by the note.

The advantage Catch has/had over Note Everything, was that it would sync all your notes to multiple devices.

And it's advantage over Evernote, was after the notes synced to your multiple devices, they were stored on the device.
You didn't have to download the note each time you needed it.
Evernote charged $45 a year for this.

Funny, once synced I can access all my notes locally in Evernote.

The only reason I had a Catch account was one app used it to hold notes--which it turns out I never really used the feature. I mainly use Evernote as it does all I need for note taking. Springpad fills some other needs & the two complement each other nicely.

Oh wow. Well I'm shocked and I'm transferring everything to Google Keep.

Posted from the old Google Nexus 7 via Android Central App

I lost sleep last night whe n i saw this terrible news. Why couldn't set it up where people can sync thier account with other notes apps like Google reader synch to multiple news feed apps. I got 56 items in catch. Pain in the ass.

So SAD about the news. Catch is my FAVORITE note app and the best, tbh. I'm note transferring my stuff over to Springpad because it's the second best. While Evernote is good, I find it upsetting that I can't even have a PIN to lock it unless I upgrade to premium! Why is that?? They should have offered it for free... That's one of my main issues. Springpad seems better and it's free of charge too. Catch will ALWAYS be my absolute favourite note app!

Posted via Android Central App

i always liked the way Catch looked and the things you could do with it, but i think that if they would have just charged for the app instead of a monthly fee then they might be in better shape. of course im not a developer so i cant be certain if thats true.

Posted via Android Central App

I admit I don't use them as much anymore. Other things are far more integrated into what I do now.
I remember when I first got an Android phone, it was actually called 3BananaNotes. A weird name but great note taking app including geolocating pics and notes if desired. It was awesome and new. Then it either changed the name or was bought by Catch; I'm not sure which. Still, the nostalgia makes me sad about it.

Sad news. I was begining to like Catch because it's one of the few apps that I can use on my S4 and iPad since it's multi-platform. I liked the interface as it was much cleaner than Evernote - which has become a mess, especially after their UI "update".

I like Evernote, because it's also universal and as Chrome Extensions, but I have to admit that the like of being able to have a PIN is beginning to be a deal breaker as other apps seem to have this built it for free.

Evernote is too expensive to pay for (I save alot of notes and articles, but not THAT much). Pocket is beginning to be my go to for saving articles from the web so that makes Evernote alot less of a need. Also, Evernote has a severe formatting problem, and their checklist feature is horrible.

I'll be trying Google Keep soon. But for Evernote, I'll guess I'll keep using it until I make a decision to use something much simpler, in which CatchNote was beginning to be.

A feature I love in Catch is hashtags. Between hashtags and streams I could manage my hundreds of notes nicely in Catch.

FetchNotes and a couple of other lesser known apps have hashtags, but I haven't tried them yet and I suspect they don't have the equivalent of Catch streams.

I'm so sad right now I didn't know anything about catch being deleted and all of my important poetry is gone do anybody know if there is any way I can get my stuff back???

I'm sorry, this pisses me off. I've been using Catch since long before they changed the name to Catch. I have a LOT of information and notes stored there, and this is the first I've heard that they were shutting it down, a full month after they shut it down. The app has been working on my phone just fine, but every time I tried to go to the web page online, I got an error message, with no explanation. I did not have an opportunity to download all my notes because I didn't hear that they were shutting it down until a month after it was too late. If they had begun charging for the app, I would have gladly bought it. Why not change it from a free app to a $10 or $15 app and make some money from it? Why inconvenience us like this?

My app worked perfectly fine too.. until I accidentally pressed the wrong digit to unlock it, then I had to visit the site to change my password but there was an error on the site, so now I just lost all my notes without even knowing it was going to shut down a month ago. Great.

Hi, is there a way to get your notes if you missed the chance before? I didn't get any email about catch closing down, I'm desperate.

Hi all - I totally missed the boat on this one. Wondering if you might know the answer to this: I have Catch Notes on my nexus 7 (the old nexus 7) and did not realise it was closing. Do you by chance know where an exported .txt file of my catch notes (in settings it allows you to "export to as a text file with your notes") would end up - it says "notes successfully exported to external storage", but there is no SD card on the Nexus. Any ideas?

I am in the same boat. I didn't know that Catch was shutting down, no messages or anything came in from them and I have been using my app on the phone just fine with no issues. A couple days ago I realised I couldn't get on the website, I had a lot of information to enter and it's easier to do from the website. I just assumed this whole time that my notes were being stored just like normal. How do I now get my catch files into Evernote I want to save them. So sad! We should have received a message from catch, they're going in a new direction?

It happened to me too !!! I need all my data because its vey essnetial for me !! and i don't know what should i do !! Please help us in this situation ASAP and thx alot...

Same as above...! Plus I have upgraded on one of my devices but I backed up to Google so I hope the content from that device is safe!

My thoughts are it could be on:
- Dropbox
- Google account (android users)
- other devices (but I don't know if they synced after catch went down)
- restore files (android devices?)

I don't know much about android which is why I had to switch to catch about a year ago. This is why people just stick with iOS.

For God's sake, I know my question is the same as most of the comments here, but is there a way that I can recover my Catch notes? Damn...I never ever received a single e-mail notifying me about their decision to shut down. It is a total lack of responsibility w/ the app users and it simply shows how they couldn't care less.

I never knew the expiration date was august, 30th. Actually the app was performing perfectly fine until yesterday. I had to do my login again on the Catch app and then I realized it didn't work out anymore! I can't access my own notes!!It seems like they're all gone!!
The Catch Team doesn't respond any of the emails, I tried to contact them at and but of course they haven't replied and I doubt they will since it is shut down.
I'm pretty sure there's a way to recover it since my app was working perfectly good even after the shutdown, the fact is that they simply don't care about the users!!
I know most of you guys are going through this, there must be a way. We weren't told about the change (I've checked my email lots of times), so we have the damn right to have our notes back!!

I LITERALLY did not get the memo, and I was a frequent user of the application! Now, I've lost some vitally important info that I entrusted on this thing. Since there was no real backup, I'm screwed. This is the drawback of newer technologies.

Is there anything android can do to help us out? Like everyone here I was using the app daily and got no notice of shutdown. So upset :-(

You have got to be kidding me! My Catch app has been working perfectly fine until today and it's March 18, 2014!!! 2014!!!! 2014!!!!
I never heard anything about them shutting down until it quit working today and I googled why my Catch app isn't working! This is just CRAP. I have been adding new items all along... why let me do that if the company is closed? What is going to happen to all the information I had in there? Does my phone somehow backup data so I can retrieve it?

Isn't it somehow against the law to shut down a company that stores personal information of so many people without duly notifying the users by e-mail or information on the actual app? I didn't know anything of the closure until I upgraded my phone in December. Like many others I lost all my notes. What's the point of using apps like this of you end up losing all of your notes without any warning.

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