Blue HTC One

Blue HTC One Mini also up for pre-order

Independent retailer Carphone Warehouse has today launched the "vivid blue" version of the HTC One in the UK. Carphone, which has exclusivity over the blue HTC One in the UK, is selling the device for £489.95 SIM-free, as well as offering it for free on contracts starting at £32 per month from all the major UK networks.

In addition, the blue HTC One Mini — also exclusive to Carphone Warehouse — goes up for pre-order today, with the first thousand pre-orders being eligible for a free blue flip cover. The blue HTC One Mini is due to arrive by early November, Carphone Warehouse says.

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Source: Carphone Warehouse (HTC One), (HTC One Mini)

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gankstar5 says:

First! Can I get a free blue version now? Already have the silver but this phone is just too good!

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jimbo says:

HTC is bringing it with their HTC One series. Distinctive high performance smartphones among a myriad of cheaply manufactured plastic slabs.


TekNiKal says:

I like it.

MonkeyNews says:

I like the blue more than the red. But I'm happy with what I have. Silver still looks pretty damn sexy.

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3Dee says:

That is one seriously nice looking phone

sublimaze says:

Yep. Same color as my old high school hot rod *sigh*

TeknoBug says:

Blue is my favorite color, I'd be all over it.

Amir47 says:

They should have come out with all the colors at launch. So if you supported the company at launch you got screwed get a regular color. 6 months later you can pick up the exclusive red one on Amazon for $50 and if you're lucky best buy could price match and sell you the blue one for $50 as well.

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