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I don't use live wallpapers traditionally. I find that too often there's a trade off in device performance and or battery life to make it worthwhile. I've made an exception to try this one out, and I'm pretty happy with it. Ubuntu Live Wallpaper tries to capture some of the feel of that great looking lockscreen on Ubuntu for Phones, in a live wallpaper for your Android device. And, while it isn't an exact replica, it's pretty close, and looks great. Currently still in beta, the developers describe it as their "hobby." But for a beta product, it's very well done. 

One of my biggest annoyances with live wallpapers as I mentioned is performance and battery life issues. Even on high end devices, too often things become jerky and the battery life has just been sucked dry. So far, on the Nexus 4 at least, this hasn't been the case with Ubuntu Live Wallpaper. Battery life doesn't seem to be any less than usual, and scrolling through the homescreens -- in my case with Action Launcher -- is as smooth and speedy as ever. 

There's a couple of features baked in too worth mentioning, and some due to arrive in future updates. A double tap anywhere on the wallpaper brings up the option to display either time, or remaining battery percentage. Coming in the future will be the ability to switch between 12 and 24 hour clocks, repositioning the circle, scaling and color change. 

Remember though that this is still a beta product, and the developers are all to aware of performance issues affecting some devices. But, it's free, and worth a look if you're looking for a little flavor of Ubuntu for Phones without getting too deep. You'll find it in the Play Store at the link above, and click on past the break for some screenshots. 

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Capture the essence of the Ubuntu lockscreen with Ubuntu Live Wallpaper


Just installed this last night. Good to know about upcoming features, the ones you listed are the things I'm missing...

Oh, and a shortcut to the alarms would be nice too

Actually I was looking for some nice clock widget since I don't have status bar always shown on the homescreen. It looks like that might be even better. Thanks!

Awesome, thanks for posting. Also, one of few LWPs I will use is Water Drops Plus. I shut off automatic drops so that the screen only animates when I touch it. It basically sets whatever wallpaper you select, and puts it under water, and it ripples when you touch it. So cool, and really realistic .

I downloaded this on my N7, and it's pretty cool. The only problem is that some of my home screen pages are full with apps and widgets so it isn't visible. Luckily, there's an opening in the middle of my main page so I can see it. This is a really nice LWP, especially considering it's still in beta, but I'll probably be switching back to Nexus Revamped soon.