Files and instructions available to run both operating systems on your Nexus 4

If you're looking to have a little bit of Ubuntu fun on your Nexus 4 during the holiday break, Canonical has something that should interest you. They have released a method to flash your phone so that it can boot into Ubuntu from Android, and boot back to "normal" using what looks and acts like normal applications to the end user.

Looking through the instructions, you'll need to be running Ubuntu on your home computer and know your way around the command line. It's all scripted so there is little room for error, and the only path back is a full wipe and reflash of the factory images. You'll also need to flash an old radio if you want to make phone calls on the Ubuntu side, using a Jelly Bean factory image. 

While this isn't for everybody — and is clearly marked as a developer preview — it is a good way to have a look at how Ubuntu is progressing and still be able to revert back to something more familiar for those times when you need it. Follow the link below, and read everything, if you're interested.

Source: Ubuntu Developer Portal


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Canonical releases dual-boot Ubuntu and Android developer preview


Looks interesting but I don't have a Ubuntu computer and I guess it won't work if using a custom ROM

Posted via Android Central App

I have oracles virtual box, where would I find Ubuntu (and is it free)

Posted via Android Central App on my Custom ROMd nexus 4

Never mind,, found Ubuntu download. Just going to override windows with Linux and finally get rid of the OS that makes users want to throw their computers through it's namesake

Edit:: Lol anonymous bot, I googled it after the comment was sent

Posted via Android Central App on my Custom ROMd nexus 4

Make sure that you have Windows on a backup disc somewhere. Them you can reinstall before you still it

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Just google ubuntu. I think the website is Ubuntu.org or something, but better safe than sorry. By the way, yes, it is free.

You can boot into Android and then switch over to Ubuntu. It's a different OS, not a ROM

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Interesting, the idea of running both Ubuntu and android looks awesome and hopefully this develops further!

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I know they've been working hard at making this possible on the Nexus 4, but I can't help begging for a Nexus 5 method

Posted via my Nexus 5

Yet again, the Question arises : "What did happen to Ubuntu for Android?". I would really happy, if there would be any progress to show. I loved the first concepts, the proof of concept videos. Just the thought of having a full ubuntu Linux on my S3 is exciting. Imagine the possibilities. Come Home, dock your Phone and the full OS appears magically.

Tried it on my Verizon GNex and it said "Device not supported". I wonder if it would work with the GSM version of the GNex?

I for one can't wait until Ubuntu is optimised for the mobile platform. There then lies the saying hello Ubuntu and goodbye Android :-)

Edit-Not that there is currently anything wrong with Android infact it has come along way and is I'm my mind a dam good OS. But Ubuntu once optimised would most certainly get my attention :-)

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Dual booting is the best option I think.. Don't want to leave Android but syncing with my laptop could be helpful (once it's actually installs!)

Posted via Android Central App on my Custom ROMd nexus 4

Although Android does sync with chrome...

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Has anyone tried this with the Nexus 4 yet? Is there a feature for docking into desktop Ubuntu yet? I am extremely excited for that feature more than anything.

I run a derivative of Ubuntu - KUbuntu, does that matter? Has anyone managed to use one of the Level 1 derivatives and got flashed the Image successfully?

I'm travelling right now, so Will try to do it later when I'm home.

I'm using Kubuntu too, it's excellent, much prefer KDE and it's software suites over Ubuntu defaults.

I'm not going to do this. I use MultiRom for my Nexus, it's a bootloader that let me install as many OS on my phone as I wan't and multiboot into them, not just Ubuntu, but other Linux OS and custom roms. I can understand this official method might be more desired though especially if you still get Android updates.

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