Canadian Galaxy S phones

Samsung Mobile Canada has announced via Facebook that "Android 2.2 will be released for Vibrant from Bell and Captivate from Rogers in mid-December, and for the Fascinate from TELUS in early 2011. We’ll post further details as they become available."

You can call that good news, or bad news, but at least we have a time frame.  Still no new word for any of the US Galaxy S phones, which will likely depend on the individual carrier.  We're watching and waiting, too.  To our Canadian readers -- pass the time in the forums with the rest of us waiting for the elusive update.  [ Samsung Mobile Canada via MobileSyrup]


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Canadian Galaxy S phones get Froyo update news


This is ridiculous. I cant believe there is much difference on the hardware so it must be the carriers that are preventing the update. WHY!?

I've been running Froyo for weeks now on my Captivate thanks to the amazing Cognition ROM.

Go get it, and stop worrying about when Sammy/AT&T will get off their asses.

Same here, F*** the idea of ever buying a samsung phone. To late to return my fascinate so im stuck with it for now, but it wasnt to late to stop order on three samsung monitors last week.

ummm, i dont know why u guys complaining about samsung here. apparently they already gave the carrier the updates since those device in canada was released after the US version. It's the carrier that is holding us back from getting Froyo, NOT SAMSUNG. rather than pointing at samsung, we should point at our respective carriers

I love being behind the rest of the world by six months.

I think it's suitable that I went from the Pre (behind the times) to the Galaxy S (day old news).

Maybe one day I'll be on the cutting-edge.

It's so easy to get bent out of shape over this when it seems as if everyone else has received the update, but us. But, rest assured, it will be here and if you can't wait, root and apply one of the ROM updates. Which I think I am going to do for the mere pleasure anyway, can't be that complicated, I've been using Linux for years. And this Samsung Epic 4G blows my old BlackBerry Tour away. I could never regress to using one of those archaic devices again and blows my sister's EVO away too.


The only drawback of the Epic is the battery life compared to a Blackberry. Pretty much everything else about it runs circles - try one of the custom ROMs.

I'm using Syndicate, with Xtreme Kernel, and I've overclocked my CPU to 1.6 GHz.

I think american phone services is just waitin until december to skip over froyo and get gingerbread since after all it is an holiday treat

why would you doubt that if its up to the carriers the sprint evo was the first to have froyo is it totally unbelievable that sprint would have the first phone with gingerbread on the samsung epic

I guess we are going to wait a bit longer in the US. Kind of like video games today.. When they're rumored to release a TU (Title Update) to a current game you want it NOW but at the same time you will wait a bit longer if you want it done right the first time do they don't have to do multiple TU's to fix the bugs.

Samsung isn't the problem, the carriers are. Source code has been out for weeks now... As mentioned above, there's already custom ROM's out there running 2.2. From a hardware perspective, Samsung's Galaxy S line is top notch. We can't really blame them for holding anything back...

We better just get Gingerbread for this BS! We are the biggest market for these damn phones and we're last in line. WTF Samsung!

Any news on when Verizon in the the US will get the 2.2 updates out? I can't seem to find a date or a month for that matter? I'd sure love to have it