Flash was included as a feature by default in Android 2.2 Froyo, but there are some phones that don't or can't support Flash. As a general rule of thumb anything that is "low-end" won't be able to run Adobe's flagship software, but there are a couple others that can't as well. Here's the list of Android devices certified to run Flash:

Adobe Flash


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Telanis says:

Devices can run Flash if they have 2.2 or higher and an ARMv7 processor or better, barring any weirdness.

tropper says:

Has anyone noticed the D Bionic is on this list but not the Thunderbolt?
We all know it has flash but why no love for the TB?

uansari1 says:

I've been wondering about this...the MT4G is a Sense-based device so it likely has Flash Lite... should people with that phone download the full Flash from Market, or is it pointless?

NoobTube says:

Does my iphone have flash?

cjp85 says:

What's an iPhone?

NoobTube says:

Its this awesome phone that has apps and stuff

cjp85 says:

Never heard of it, but it sounds cool ;-)

mjforte says:

OMG I want an iPhone 4. The one with the bigger GB's! and Wifi!

NoobTube says:

Thats "the wifis"

briankurtz79 says:

Can I get it in white? Can you hook up my Bluetooth?

didimac says:

I think I'll go get one right now. My sister said Walgreens has them...

What's a Bieber?

jtwebfusion says:

^^ Now that's funny...

cjp85 says:

My Tmo Vibrant lets me watch Flash videos on the web w/Froyo installed, but why is it not a "certified" device?

Proof of some guy using Flash on Tmo Vibrant:

mjneid says:

Because it has a ARMv7 or newer processor and Android 2.2.
But 2.2 is not official from Samsung or T-Mobile for that device. Thus leaving unlisted.

ls377 says:

Yeah...except it is. They released Froyo about a month ago I think. The Fascinate and Epic haven't been released officially yet, and they're on there.

kehanra99 says:

HTC Evo Shift 4G seems to have no problems with Flash...

Griffspen says:

What's a good site to go to for testing Flash?

mjneid says:

most any website that has flash enabled adds or videos. Try youtube's native site. not the mobile one.

briankurtz79 says:


You can go to YouTube.com, making sure you are NOT using the YouTube player on your phone, and see if videos play.

Also, most any site nowadays use Adobe Flash to stream video, so you could go to a website that's streaming news, for example CNN, and see if videos play.

rocket321 says:

Nice that they left phones off that run flash, but the EPIC is there and it doesn't even have official froyo yet!

konistehrad says:

So the Fascinate, which definitely does not have a carrier-sanctioned version of Froyo yet, is on this list but the Vibrant isn't? See also: Epic. (Though at least that Froyo rollout is dated!)

fmac says:

My HTC Aria doesnt support flash due to the ARMv6 processor :(

jms67 says:

Maybe it's because I have an "old" droid but flash is just too choppy and I had to uninstall because it was just a headache

marteagajr75 says:

How come they list the fascinate but it doesn't support flash, maybe they'll be releasing Froyo for it soon? Keep my fingers crossed

Guys, this is the official list of devices that have been certified by Adobe. We thought it was pretty interesting to see some of these devices on the list as well :)

ak110707 says:

Viewsonic G-Tablet can.

deaofly says:

Ok we have flash now let's get a silver light browser plug-in to watch Netflix. Forget the DRM crap Netflix is saying all phones up to now don't have, I hope a dev can make a working plug-in to get it up and running.

Oxirane says:

Pretty sure all the sgs phones have flash with 2.2... My vibrant can at least.

For some reason my flash is blocked by my adfree app and i can't even watch the video. it just says the web page couldn't be downloaded

For some reason my flash is blocked by my adfree app and i can't even watch the video. it just says the web page couldn't be downloaded

Drewlinska says:

My DINC uses flash no problem

Kin#AC says:

seems like Acer Liquid Mt can use flash too... update the list pls.

retiredf5 says:

Samsung Facinate DOES NOT run Flash.

2.2 with Flash still has not come out.

katvo says:

LG Ally is not listed. But it doesn't have flash... processor is too puny :(

Samsung galaxy s4 doesnt support flash player ....what a pity i am ready to change it for nexus 5. Does anybody know why doesnt support flash player ???