4G LTE Galaxy Nexus

If you've watched last night's Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich unveiling, you'll recall the sequence where the phone was hooked up to a camera rig and used to capture some impressive-looking time-lapse videos. Now, some behind-the-scenes photos of the rig, uploaded by Google's Romain Guy, have given us our best indication yet that Big Red will indeed be getting an LTE version of the upcoming Nexus. Yep, that's Verizon's 4G LTE logo on the battery door.

Of course, that shouldn't really surprise anyone, right?

Source: +Romain Guy; via: Droid-Life

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HighOnHops says:

It will be mine!

briankurtz79 says:

I'm gonna be extremely upset with google if this doesn't make it to sprint in a timely manor. The nexus s took about 6 months?! By then all you have is old tech that they are trying to sell for top dollar when T-Mobile already had it for 99. That better not happen this time.

icebike says:

Agreed. And AT&T too.

This exclusivity stuff drives me nuts, especially when they grant it to a carrier that has done nothing but bloat-load their phones and fought tooth and nail against pure Android (and iPhone for that matter) experience.

RaiderWill says:

No.. No.. No.. Verizon was wise to pass on the SII.. They KNEW this was on the Horizon.. and the SII as great as it is, is Late 2010/2011 Tech.. The Galaxy Nexus Surpasses the SII.. Welcome to 2012 on Verizon..

Yes i will be getting it the day it goes under $300!!

mp2390 says:

its going to be $299 haha. But yea thats way to much for a phone with contract.

Ricky Babalu says:

Where can I get one of these camera Tripods?

BarneyDroid says:

I'll make you one for 3 easy payments of 69.99! haha

El Jefe says:

At Autozone or any other place that jumper cables can be found.

icebike says:

I threw up in my mouth a little bit when I saw those fugly alligator clips on this beautiful phone.

rfmike says:

The days its up for pre- order, i will be ordering mine. i am willing to give up my thunderbolt with sense to get the newest OS. I'm tired of waiting for HTC to catch up on there software updates.

El Jefe says:

It's odd how HTC has been so late on the Gingerbread updates & Motorola is on the ball because it was exactly the opposite with the Froyo updates.

ak110707 says:

I'm having buyers remorse for buying a Bionic.

BarneyDroid says:

I know what you mean! First Moto slaps us in the nuts with the RAZR and now we are looking at a gorgeous Nexus?

Quigs427 says:

Where have you been at the bionic is a phone for suckers

It looks like they're trying to jumpstart it. Battery must have been dead ;)

swarlos says:

Selling my Bionic for this Bad Boy!!

reeper55 says:

Why in gods name has Verizon NOT made an announcement yet? I don't get it at all!

El Jefe says:

So they can sell a few more Bionics to people who don't follow Android news & don't know this & the Droid RAZR are coming.

Why> Because Google and Verizon are currently engaged in a titanic battle of wills over whether the Nexus bootloader will be locked or encrypted. That's why you didn't hear a word about the bootloader during the annnouncement yesterdAY. And from what I hear, Verizon is winning the battle.

icebike says:

So you say, but how can google call it a dev phone with a locked boot loader.

BrianTufo says:

Samsung has never made it difficult though to unlock. You hook to computer and basically type one thing and are good to go so not a huge deal IMO. As long as they don't act like they are encrypting CIA files like Motorola does it's not a big deal.

El Jefe says:

Of course it's going to be locked. All phones have a locked bootloader, including the previous 2 Nexus phones. They could be unlocked with a few simple keystrokes & phones made by HTC & Samsung not quite so easily, but still not difficult to unlock to developers using previously known methods that HTC/Samsung know that they know about.

There is no chance, however, that it will have an encrypted bootloader like Motorola uses. Also, it isn't Verizon that wants to encrypt them...it's the manufacturer (e.g., Motorola). That's why only Motorola phones have had encrypted bootloaders since they took that policy & not all Verizon phones.

SO glad I returned the Bionic when i did. thanks moto for the good fail for me :)

Doesn't really look all that thick. Comapared to the RAZR yes but the G-Nex has a removable battery :P

flighinhigh says:

I will be at CostCo when the doors open. First is line to get mine.

JtothaR says:

Not sure if Costco will get it, but that would be cool.

tbaptista says:

I will be visiting big red as soon as this puppy lands!

GalaxyNole says:

Looks like the battery door has a rough texture on it.

Yadao says:

Haha I love how each word is linked to different references. I'm definitely gonna make some awesome time lapse videos with my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.

rizzay1 says:

Lol jumper cables

jazzbassist1 says:

With the Galaxy Nexus, the RAZR, and the upcoming HTC Vigor (Rezound?), Verizon is going to have one killer holiday lineup

Sniper1087 says:

that means Verizon will have the phone but doesnt mean exclusivity at first right?

mp2390 says:

Dang was hoping at least 8mp (i know MP are not everything but still 2011 here my original moto droid had 5) makes no sense why so little plus it has no sd card that sucks to. So its this or Razer for me iv been waiting for a good phone for months now my contract is up and i dont want to a phone that will be nothing in a week and be replaced by something better

Nirvana328 says:

Then get the Galaxy Nexus. You have a new phone every time Google (not Samsung or Verizon) updates your operating system. My Nexus One has been feeling new for almost 2 years now.

Quick question, anyone know if this masterpiece is going to AT&T? I've seen it online as so... but not sure.

Seven2k says:

Straight form the Sprint site

Sprint expects to launch CDMA-LTE devices by mid-2012, with approximately 15 devices coming throughout the year – including handsets, tablets and data cards. Additionally, CDMA-WiMAX 4G devices, like the award-winning HTC EVOTM 4G, Samsung EpicTM 4G Touch and Nexus STM 4G, will continue to be sold throughout 2012.

No Galaxy Nexus on Sprint til maybe 2013.

zhecht says:

How do you get "No Galaxy Nexus on Sprint til maybe 2013" from the above paragraph?

All the paragraph says is that the first CDMA-LTE devices will be mid-2012, and that WiMAX devices LIKE the EVO 4G, SE4GT, and NS4G will continue to be sold. That doesn't mean that a WiMAX or CMDA-only Galaxy Nexus won't appear before mid-2012, nor does it mean that a CMDA-LTE Galaxy Nexus won't show up mid-2012 (just because they say they will still sell the Nexus S doesn't mean they won't also offer the Galaxy Nexus, after all the EVO 4G is on that list even though the EVO 3D has been released). Where does 2013 come from?

El Jefe says:

"Where does 2013 come from?"

His a$$.

People who draw wild guesses from vague info or claim to have insider info when they clearly don't really crack me up.

MattRussNC says:

Holy hell, I thought power consumption was suppose to get better with ics, how much juice does this thing need. But really could they not have done better with a mount, why scratch it all up when there are so many better ways.

dla1021 says:

What is the big deal if the bootloader is locked or unlocked?

El Jefe says:

None. The people who freak out over bootloaders generally don't know what they are talking about.

ALL phones have locked bootloaders, even Nexus phones. Nexus devices can be very easily unlocked, phones made by HTC & Samsung are a little more difficult to unlock but still can be done by developers using methods previously found to work.

What people don't like is when manufacturers (like Motorola) ENCRYPT the bootloader, making it impossible to unlock, but even then, they can still be rooted & ROM'd...just using the Motorola approved kernel instead of a custom kernel. <<<---And THAT only matters if you want to run certain ROMs (like CyanogenMod & MIUI).

If you watch the the ICS video on youtube.com/android it has "Verizon Wireless" right in the notification dropdown. That is a bigger indication that this imo.

sproketz says:

Seriously? Alligator clips on that phone? Was the cameraman retarded?

Dutchmasta says:

clearly they are about to run a test to see if it is bullet proof ;)