Robots, light cycles, Galaxy Nexus -- Awesome. Hit the 20 second mark if you're a Verizon user.

Source: Android Developers; Thanks, Will!


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Calling all speed demons - Galaxy Nexus!


Nice catch on the notification bar saying Verizon Wireless!!! Now I just need to know the off-contract price!!! Can't wait!!!

Bionic? Really? The peeps I know with them regretted it. With this announcment coming, why didn't you wait?!?!? Good luck. Ebay may help you out!

Thought the yellow android was an indicator that it's going to Sprint only to be disappointed to see those were just the Nexus colors. **sobs**

But I'm I'm (sry couldn't resist) an AT&T guy. Hope it's a very, very temporary exclusive deal. They got the RAZR to themselves, which I'd take if I couldn't get the Prime, but I REALLY want this phone.......NOW!

i am more impressed each time i see a ICS video.

they werent lying when they talked about how amazing it was..

this is really going to put Android on the map, i mean it already is in a big way, but this makes it so much more.

i cant wait for this to get on my nexus s!

Freaking Awesome!!! Android 4.0 aka ICS is here AND with the super excellent hardware maker SAMSUNG in their corner!! - 1st 4.0 phone up the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Whoever said hardware specs don't taste & smell good- think again!! lol
Judging from the specs sheets turning up around the web, for the US phone carriers with fastest network speeds the phone could blaze on AT&Ts 4G network (HSPA+)& Verizon's 4G network(LTE-way freaking faster!).

Apple - p00f!! Your iOS5 just ran all the way back home! :)

Lookout for your Samsung Galaxy Tablets with ICS coming for Thxgiving 2011 and/or XMAS 2011!! Yes!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this and I'll be in a line or online looking to get my hands on one!! :)

I doubt that ICS will be ported over to tablets anytime this year... especially since the Nexus Galaxy doesn't come out until November. Besides , I think there is a general rule of thumb is at least a three month wait period.

damn damn damn. i have to sell this droid charge. i think i may rob one of these apple fanboys for their 4s , sell it , and do the world some justice and get the " Nexus Prime " thats right , I like that name better, im sticking with it

Actually thats the live animation effect where you can see video or picture effects live before recording or snapping photo.

google just said most gingerbread devices WILL get ICS.

Google’s Gabe Cohen and Matias Duarte have made a lot of people very happy by confirming that most Android 2.3 devices will receive the newly announced Android 4.0. Matias said: “Currently in the process for releasing Ice Cream Sandwich for Nexus S. Theoretically should work for any 2.3 device.” No word on when that will happen exactly.

Am I the only one bummed about this specs on this phone? With the exception of having NFC, and super amoled HD. This specs on this phone is inferior to the current Galaxy S2.

lol what more do u want from a phone?

quad core? thats not ready for the mainstream yet,,,
they can only do so much, u gotta look at it like this, the gs2 and g nexus were probably both in development around the same time, and both are being released around the same time, so both have the best of what is available RIGHT NOW.

the screen is better on this then the sgs 2, it comes with ics before the sgs2, we dont know about memory and such yet, or battery life, but needless to say im pretty sure the nexus will have better because no bloatware/carrier IQ and similar...

its all about the software right now.. the hardware IS better then the sgs2 right now..

but id gladly take a sgs 2 today myself, but im holding onto my nexus s tight anxiously awaiting the ICS update google just said that is coming really soon/!

I'm talking about the Exynos vs Omap 4460, and the SGX540 ( an old gpu found on the original Galaxy S which is what the galaxy nexus has) vs the Mali 400 ( galaxy S 2 which is twice as powerful as the SGX540 ). How do they expect to play 3D games at 720p resolution without it slowing down with inferior GPU and CPU? That is what boggles my mind that google would use a inferior chipset.

The specs are quite decent. Only thing they went less on is the main & rear cameras (8Mp to 5MP /2Mp to 1.3MP). But treally how bad is that in comparison to everything else there AND much more:
- Super fast SoC speeds that Samsung is already known for - you already got an SGSII, so you know this!!
- super fast memory bus & quantity - 1GB on a 2 x 32-bit LPDDR2
- the super 4.65in screen on not just a Super AMOLED+ (800 X 480 pixels) display that the SGSII has, but a Super AMOLED HD (1280 X 720 pixels)screen!!!
- the phone will probably go to AT&T/Verizon in the US to get that 4G goodness in speed.
AND... (drum roll...)
- ICS - ANDROID is 4.0!!! - Do you know how BIG that is??!! :)

What else could they have missed!! lol - they better give me my ice-cream when I get mine! haha

And as far as comments like this one stating that the phone will only go to AT&T or Verizon because they have 4G speed, I'll put HSPA+ up any day in most areas I'm in against that BS 4G (or so they call it). I've seen HSPA+ hit faster speeds than 21MBPS. Thats just ridiculous. Don't think because it has a higher number than 3G that it makes it faster. HSPA+ is SUPER FAST and is in almost all major cities.

they have been averaging 30+ mbps on verizon lte regularly..

i get 27mbps with 2 bars of verizon lte..
thats faster than my road runner at home!

HSPA+ is kinda fast, but I live in an LTE city and trust me there is nothing faster. Calling LTE "BS" is like calling a Porsche just a beater.

LTE is leaps and bounds ahead of HSPA+

it is not as bad as you think is using a new TI Omap processor, and with ICS it will be as fast as the GS2 if not faster, remember ICS is designed for Dual core processors, my concern is I have buttons, on my phone how will if the Update come to my GS2 work out? will I have extra buttons?, or whats the deal , anyways I wouldn't be dissapointed if the phone had the extra, now I might get this phone if its available HSPA+ for T-mobile heh, I might have to wait a month or so for it, hopefully sooner, yet cant wait I need some Ice cream.

I want to point out to all of you that this phone will be released on ALL major carriers.

To support what I'm saying I want to show you this; the Verizon logo slides down the screen to the bottom of the phone and is actually part of the UI. This is because its being used by Verizon in this demo. Should it have a T-MO sim card or a AT&T it would have their logo's. Want to know how I know? Follow the link below and clock the different links showing off different pictures of the phone. Depending on what its doing it always says something different at the bottom. There is NO WRITING or branding on the face of ANY NEXUS. This is just another way to make the phone more awesome by adding things like the carriers name being integrated into the UI.

Also keep in mind that there is an HSPA+ version that will run off GSM like T-MO and AT&T (and majority of the European and Asian markets run off GSM) and an LTE version. Google is not going to make this phone just for Verizon and lose out on this phone being a powerhouse world-wide. This phone may first be released on Verizon just like the NX was released for T-Mobile first last year but it won't last long. I'm not worried either way, I'll but this phone when they release it for T-Mo but either way I'll get ICS because I have the Nexus S and this is the first major release and all us Nexus users get updates first.

And for the finishing touch to prove it will be coming to T-MO, please read the facts below regarding the networks. T-Mobile runs off the 1700/2100 frequencies and those are definitely included. Add that along with the fact that it states that the LTE version may differ and you get the clear picture that this phone is going to be released on GSM and CDMA.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Specifications

Network: HSPA+ 21Mbps/HSUPA 5.76Mbps 850/900/1900/1700/2100, EDGE/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900
Specifications above may differ on the LTE version.

And one more point. This is research data release testing HSPA+ against other speeds on other carriers. HSPA+ blows them away.

4G isn't faster just because its a number higher than 3. HSPA+ and LTE is where its at. Don't get caught up in all the hype. Do your research!

If you are going to quote articles at least make sure they back up the point you are trying to make. The article on phone scoop is about HPSA+ vs WiMAx and other 3G technologies. It's also a bit dated since it does not account for Verizon's LTE network. Everyone (Sprint included) understands that WiMAx speeds are slow compared to even some 3G networks. I will grant you that HSPA+ is a very fast 3G technology (it's more of a 3.5G technology), but it does not compare to true 4G technologies such as LTE Advanced and WiMAX advanced. A proper comparison of HSPA+ should be to LTE where quite frankly it loses the speed battle.

You're completely right and if you read the bottom of my post I said 4G has no leg to stand on when compared to HSPA+ or LTE. ATT says something is 4G and we all know that its just BS. I couldn't agree more that the article is dated but I've also had ATT and there "4G" speed is ridiculously slow compared to T-Mobiles HSPA speed, let alone the HSPA+. My Nexus S has clocked better speeds than my friends and colleagues ATT 4G phones many times in downtown areas. The only downfall is that TMO hasn't spread out far from Metro areas so when traveling I hit dead zones.

My point being is this phone will be sold on every carrier. Google isn't stupid and they will make this the main challenger for the iPhone 4S / iPhone 5 when its released.

But, again, I couldn't agree more, I just quoted that article because it was getting late and I was falling asleep and I needed something to show the difference in speed that HSPA+ provides. If you happen to have a newer article please DM or post to here. Thanks for the correction. I love to be corrected when I'm wrong because then I can have the right information when speaking to others!

Best regards,

Definitely would be great that this phone comes to all 4 major US carriers - AT&T/Verizon/Sprint/T-Mobile! This is gonna be great! :)

It seems Sprint is the big loser here. No WiMax Galaxy Nexus and at least AT&T and T-Mobile can fall back on being able to offer a HSPA+ version. At least they recieved their version of the SGS2.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint in the latter part or 2012 or launched right along side their LTE network which they said they would start rolling out in mid 2012, I believe.

Agreed that def. Verizon will be one to get the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus and AT&T, along with T-Mobile as the latter 2 share network similarities. Shame that Sprint will have to wait until they have their LTE network in place to get it going as according to the carrier network specs online, it won't be working on no WiMax. :P