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After a brief period of exclusivity on Sony handsets, Call of Duty: Zombies is now available on most Android devices. The first-person shooter comes from what was a simple side-game bundled with the popular Call of Duty title for PC and consoles, but has quickly taken on an unlife of its own. It's essentially a wave defense game where players have to keep their hideout barricaded and fortified against hordes of undead while simultaneously clearing out the ones that find their way inside. It's all very goofy and arcadey, with new weapons and upgrades being purchasable between waves. 

Call of Duty: Zombies is available at the download link about for $6.99. Keep in mind that in-app purchases are being employed for accelerated progress as well. Anyone going to take the plunge, or has Dead Trigger got all of your zombie-killing needs covered?

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gregmcph says:

Call of the Dead.
I was hoping for some sort of Zombie based phone dialer.

yawar#AC says:

The official application uTorrent comes to Android

Miths says:

That was spectacularly off topic, but thanks for the link anyway, I had been hoping uTorrent would make it to Android.

John-Smith says:

Yes... Off topic...

Whistles and walks off to click on the link..

Phlack says:

I'll just keep playing Dead Trigger until the price comes down.

ludesleep says:

Dead trigger looks better anyways..

PS3GamerName says:

i have 1.0 version installed on my prime but it want update to 1.0.1. how do you update it

David Horn says:

So it's $6.99 PLUS in-app purchases? There's a difference between selling a game and milking the consumer.

Either give me the whole game for a fair price ($6.99 is fine) or make it free and have it clear that in-app purchases are required to progress easily. I have the same dislike of Reckless Racing 2 - why should I pay extra to choose the colour of the car when I paid for the game in the first place? No doubt someone who pirated it can do what they want.

This would make a great subject for an editorial here - how about developers appreciate paying customers and reward them for buying?

What is the in-app purchase?

NumberZero says:

You buy more Call of Duty coins which unlocks you some bonuses for the single player portion of the game.

You can also earn said coins by playing the game.

21plays says:

incompatible with the i9300 and the Nexus 7.

Unibrow says:

apparently no support for gamepads, ironic as it was an xperia exclusive. Can anyone confirm, not that I'll be buying at $7 anyway.

Roboticz says:

Why would somebody pay $7 for this game when they can get DEAD TRIGGER for free which looks like a better game anyways!?!?!?

Vagrant_1 says:

$7 bucks and in game purchases no thanks. So sick of these games like this. No wonder people pirate them.

XavierMatt says:

LMAO- I agree, who do they think they are.

Roboticz says:

Games as elaborate as Modern Combat 3 might deserve a high price tag... but not something where you just walk around shooting zombies!

RoboWarrior says:

The worst part there isn't any internet multiplayer just local wi-fi. Yeah it hurts a lot. Hopefully Dead Trigger will release a multiplayer update...

NumberZero says:

Wait seriously? The iOS version had online multiplayer. Looks like they aren't getting my $7 till online gets added.

John-Smith says:

They are coming out with a $10 map pack next week.

I wasnt aware that the Galaxy Nexus didnt have on screen buttons while actually touching the screen. Come on, at least get the photoshops SOMEWHAT accurate to the device you're imposing it on.