Sprint wants to know which mobile platform they should focus on.  AND ANDROID CENTRAL USERS TELL THEM EXACTLY WHICH MOBILE PLATFORM THEY SHOULD FOCUS ON!

Seems like one of these things is popping up every day, doesn't it?  But this time, it's the carrier itself doing the prodding.

In an attempt to better understand what their customers want, Sprint has put up a poll in the Sprint Community section of their website.  Who knows how important the results are, but Sprint is asking their subscribers "Which platform do YOU think we should focus on?"

As I'm writing this article, HP webOS is enjoying a massive lead over Android, BlackBerry, and "Windows 7" (though I'm sure they mean Windows Phone 7).

Before you mosey on over and start voting, you should know that this poll is only open to Sprint customers.  So if you're on the Now Network, head on over and cast your vote.

And it appears as though our friends at PreCentral got a head start on us, but let's even the playing field here.  Make sure our little green friend stands strong against the competition!  [Sprint Community via PreCentral]


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Call to arms -- Sprint asks customers which mobile platform it should focus on


There are some pretty loyal pre fans over there at pre central, would not be suprised if many voted many times. WebOS was nice, but I have no faith in HP/Palm to bring halfway decent hardware. Their pre 2 is a joke.

I just voted 17 times (all were counted). These web polls are easy to manipulate, and Pre Central folks are known to cheat at them :p

There's a Firefox extension that will let you vote 60 times per minute.

Yea, if you use Chrome and enable the privacy settings and cookie/history wipe, you just reload and vote again.

The Pre Fanboys have obviously been deploying this technique.

Ha that's BS. Hopefully sprint will go by sales. There's no question its two android phones have sold the most. They should focus on both platforms.

Agreed. Sprint will go by sales. Of all the millions of Android fans out there, I doubt Sprint will decide to focus it's efforts on thousands of WebOS users.

I think they might want to go by sales figures and not rely on an online poll. There are a lot of original pre owners that are not too happy that the pre 2 is making it's way to Verizon first. However the general public likes android that is why sprint finally made a quarter profit thanks to android, Evo and the Epic.

Sorry I remembered reading sprint had a good Q3 but it was merely a subscriber gain and yes they did lose a billion last quarter but who's counting.

webOS is a great operating system, still love it, but I switched to the EVO 2 weeks ago and havent looked back. Have been loving android and my EVO! Voted for Android ;)

Same here. Still like WebOS but switched to EVO 3 weeks ago and love, love, love it!! Voted for Android!!!

They don't NEED to focus on Android, because it'll kill the competition anyway, with Sprint's focus or not. WebOS NEEDS the focus the most, so I say give it to them. It's a good, underpromoted OS.

Well said. I love Android, but Sprint already has 7 Android phones, the oldest one being the Hero. Pre - and Pixi -? We need better competition than that. I'd be perfectly happy to see webOS 2.0 on hardware like the Evo.

This poll was posted on precentral, and it seems not on any of the others, so that accounts for it. pre to epic, no looking back for me. WebOS will not succeed with palm hp making the hardware.

If this happens, I'm early terming and going to Verizon. Screw palm.

@yaggermr Sprint did not make profit this quarter. They lost close to a billion dollars...

if palm could come with an evo or galaxy S style phone with web OS they would make huge leaps into the market... I'd def take a look at one... i did like web OS, its just the hardware that blew

Fine by me. Let Sprint be the WebOS carrier, so long as T-Mobile,and I suppose Verizon, are the Android carriers.

I have no problem with WebOS or even Windows 7 picking up a champion. Competition is good. It will make Android even better because Google/HTC has to keep up. I doubt that Sprint is going to let an online poll make them dump their Android Evo cash cow.

If Sprint wants to go out of business, then by all means, focus heavily on the WebOS and ignore Android and Blackberry.

Well to me, an Android Fanboy since day 1 with the G1, I think that since Android has all the attention already on Sprint, that really they do need to look at WebOS. Android is already doing very well on Sprint, so if Sprint wants to look at something then they should look at WebOS, which has been pretty much ignored the past year or so...IMHO

+1 Love WebOS, Hate the hardware. If they improve the hardware I'll be switching back to WebOS. And the Pre 2 is not the answer.

Love WebOs! With better hardware cough.. cough.. (Evo) then they would have a hit. Currently I am very happy with my Evo and would love to see WebOs succeed as well.

Talk about a self-selecting poll... Sprint asks their own customers what they should focus on, and the result is that customers want focus on what they already have. Surprise!

Of course all those people suckered into buying the Palm Pre want to keep the phone they bought with a 2 year sentence on Sprint relevant.

if u got the pre on sprint then ur a premier customer. as a premier customer u get an upgrade every year, not two. ;)

I seriously suspect there was a bug in the voting page. The radio buttons for Android and Palm were swapped.

Never underestimate the power of Palm's diehard fans. The die hard sect of Palm users single handedly kept Palm's sorry butt from going under from 2003 til now. Many are just as big of a zealot as Apple fans.

There is huge demand for Palm and WebOS. However I think Sprint has enough resources to work on both Android and WebOS.

The numbers are already changing. I just logged on a voted and Android is already at 22%. Only 2000 votes were cast. That's hardly a representative sample.

I support Android, but I'm not sure I want Sprint to focus more on Android and bring more things like "Sprint ID".

I voted Web OS. Although I am an Android user, I feel that Android will continue to flourish from a software and hardware standpoint. However, Web OS still needs better hardware to grow.

I think the question was misleading, the obvious intended use of the word "focus" was to imply what needed the most improvement...

As a newly converted Android fan (switched from the Pre to the EVO), I still check out PreCentral from time to time and seen this article on their site this morning.. So, I went to the Sprint site and voted... ANDROID! Sorry PreCentral.. Had to jump ship! Still miss some of the features of webOS but as a whole, Android has it beat hands down!

Android is making a significant comeback today in the poll - from 9% early this morning to 30% at noon. Android lovers are really getting energized after seeing the Pre community show more enthusiasm for its OS.

This really comes as no surprise. If you were a Pre owner on Sprint, you probably feel let out in the cold due to all the focus on Android. I think the poll merely reflects those most in need of attention on the network.

Tomorrow they should post this on CrackBerry.com and the day after that, on WPCentral.com. Then things will look more realistic.