Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

U.S. regional carrier C Spire (former Cellular South) announced today that it's carrying the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play for $49.99 on contract (and after $50 rebate). The so-called Playstation phone -- nicknamed for its Playstation-like slide-out controls -- is the same as we've crawled all over for the past year or so, with a 4-inch display, 1GHz Snapdragon II processor, 5MP rear camera and a slew of available games.

We're not yet seeing the Xperia Play on C Spire's website, but you can call telesales (855-277-4734) or get it in a C Spire store.

Source: Press release
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C Spire gets the Xperia Play

3 Comments article on a phone that is not the Galaxy Nexus. How could you, Phil? Based on recent coverage, I thought there were no other Android phones out there. ;-)

WHOOOAAAAA, another phone that was released almost a year ago. Cellular South sucks. I refuse to call them CSpire. I know they're regional... But in the world of Android, where phones are outdated so soon after release, what's the point in buying a yr old phone that locks you into a 2 year contract, so by the time your contract is up, your phone is 3 years old. Brilliant.

It's simple really.

Those of us who care about specs are in the minority. Plenty of people today would still buy an OG Droid, or even a G1 if they were still available at the carriers & would still be able to do everything they want/need to on it.

As long as the phone has Froyo on it, there really aren't many limitations to what it can do over a new dual core device, it just does it a little slower.