Google Play credit It seems that Google has enabled an option in the web version of the Play Store that allows users to directly buy Google Play credit. If you're in the web version of the Play Store, scroll to the bottom and you'll see an option that reads "Buy Google Play Credit." You can purchase credit in increments of $5, $10, $15, $25 and $50 and it seems that you can only buy the credit for yourself thus far, so no gifting. No word yet on how many markets, if any, are supported outside the U.S., so if you are elsewhere and are seeing this option, let us know in the comments.

Source: Google Play Store; thanks to everyone who sent this in.


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Buy Google Play credit directly from the Google Play web store


I would definitely like gift credit to someone else (i.e. my kids), so they could not purchase games on my credit card.

Nothing showing in the UK, it does have a redeem option but when I click that it advises gift cards are not available in my region.

Awesome. Hopefully it doesn't have the same limitation of not being able to split payment between GP credit and the credit card on the account.

For parents, a suggestion, I created a general gmail account [mylastname]house@gmail, which I use for our shared tablets and devices. Then, I sync'ed that account's store with my phone and my wife's phone so we can see everything that passes through those devices. Not to mention we all get to share any apps purchased on that general account.

It's about time... Because literally NONE of the brick-n-mortar locations that Google said would supply gift cards (like Target, for instance) do in my location. A few weekends ago, I went to a Target, Walgreens, CVS, Best Buy, and a couple grocery stores and absolutely NOTHING. Google's alright with me but they sure move their feet really slow with overly simplistic things... o_O

The option is available in India - at least to purchase - but not to use. The transaction is completed, your card is charged and lo and behold - no credit available in play store.

Does anyone know how to remove credit cards from wallet. It was replaced by a new card but I cant get it off to replace it and because it is no good anymore I cant buy I cant take it off not getting the option to add anymore and they have suspended my acct wanting verification because the card is not good but I cant delete it or change it. Can anyone help?b

This is lame. I was going to buy credit and pay for a new Nexus. I was given a $10 card that I redeemed. Then added a $25 gift card. Went to the devices store to buy a Nexus and found out I couldn't use the money. Since I've spent about $6 in the google store over 3 years you could imagine how useful a $35 balance will be. Too bad I can't make them send paper account balance statements. Thankfully I wasn't dumb enough to add the other $150 gift card to the store via 3 $50 purchases.
Just buy your kid a refillable visa gift card than can be recharged via the web and add it to their wallet account. Then they aren't forced to buy only digital content. You can add their allowance, birthday gift funds, and so forth and create other accounts like amazon. Why be tied only to Google, be a good parent and give your kid options on how they spend their earned funds and gifts.