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Looks like the Android Market has another big sale under way, with apps like SwiftKey, HomeRun Battle 3D, SoundHound, Shadowgun, World of Goo, NFL Flick Quarterback, Osmos HD, Quell Reflect and other sgoing for just 49 cents.

There must be others. Sing out the the comments if you spot 'em.


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Bunch of Android apps on sale today for 49 cents


Asphalt 6: Adrenaline
N.O.V.A 2
Flick Golf Extreme
They Need to Be Fed
Tune in Radio Pro
Endomondo Sports

Here are the ones that haven't been mentioned yet

49 cents

Homerun Battle 3D
Osmos HD
Shadow Gun (NON THD version)
World of Goo
Quell Reflect

There are a lot of them that have huge sales such as "Where's My Water?" for 25 cents.

Looks like SoundHound is on sale too, unless it's normally priced at 49 cents.

Edit: missed it in the article, mea culpa.

Awesome. Just picked up shadowgun and dead space. On the fence about getting sprinkle and world of goo; I think I might try the demos first.

Have been meaning to check out Osmos HD; opened Market and it's $1.99???

>>> Never,ind. They're all over at Google Play...

Can apps be shared across devices? If I buy it on my phone, can I also DL it to my tablet? At $.49, I think I can afford a few apps :-)

Yes, across Android devices. log in with the same user account you bought it with on as many devices as you wish provided the app is compatible on said device :)

I'm trying to re-purchase Business Calendar for 49 cents. (I had previously got it on the amazon market but they don't update often enough and its only 49 cents.) But the market is saying that I've already purchased it, but if I try to install or update (after installing from amazon) the market denies )me saying I've never bought the app(which is correct). I've retired installing the app from all of my devices and deleting data for the market, but no good.asinine have any thoughts?

You will need to re-purchase this app with Market version 2.3.6. This version will let you do it.

You'll need to re-sign the Vending.ask after flashing the zip with zipsigner2 and put it back in system/app. You'll also need to freeze the market updater service with Titanium Backup before you run it.

It's quite a bit of work, unless you still have 2.3.6 on your system and you can delete the updates and freeze the updater.