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Bugdroid has been spotted in lots of places in the past. Dancing with Zombies, hanging out at Google IO plus, he's a global traveller having even been spotted in Taiwan. He's taken on some new adventures recently though and as such has headed for the slopes to try out some skiing. Judging from the video though, he may get stuck on the bunny hill for a while yet.

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Bugdroid hits the slopes to take in a little skiing


"Bugdriod"? I can here it now from iOS and WP7 fans, "Haha, appropriate name for a Bug ridden OS."

I love Android! FU WP7 and iOS!!!!

Yup, I couldn't agree more. All you have to do is look at market share to see who is dominating in mobile device technology and sales.^^

i think we know who took this video though... When will iPhone users learn to hold their phone sideways for video capture?