, the popular cloud document management application, is now available to Android users. The developers just released it to the Market and are expecting a welcomed reception from experienced users as well as first-timers. 

Users of this app will be able to: 

  • Browse files and folders on Box
  • View documents, media and other files
  • Share links to files and folders
  • Upload files from a device
  • Search through files

If you're not familiar with Box, it's a service that allows secure and easy cloud management of your files. It's also a popular add-on application on Linkedin that allows users to keep their resume public and searchable. It's free and definitely worth a try! []

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Reader comments now available for Android


Dropbox is available on the market. I got it yesterday. What's the diff between box and dropbox I already know dropbox is amazing photos from phone to any of my my computers! Flawless.

DROPBOX!!! No competition!

-More space for free at signup, 2GB vs 1GB
-More space possible for free in the long run
-No limits on file size for uploads vs 25MB

If you want, use this link for an extra 250MB on your account when you signup, or you don't have to if you don't want extra space

Unfortunately the link above for the free 250MB will ONLY work for someone who has not yet signed up yet.

Tried Box, hated it. It was only 1GB of storage, a pathetic 25MB upload limit. Worst of all, it logs you out upon exit. So, you have to log in every time you open it. Dropbox is MUCH better, and is integrated so that you can use it even easier. It also comes with double the storage and no upload limit. Dropbox FTMFW!