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Box have been pushing themselves in the Android world recently with a slew of 50GB account giveaways to owners of LG and Sony Ericsson devices. Today they update their Android application to bring to the table a couple of nice new features, including a homescreen widget. 

It also now offers better integration with other apps on your device, and the ability to upload content such as email attachments directly to your Box account. 

The full changelog reads:

  • Version 1.5:
  • View recent activity in your account
  • Home screen widget shows updates and provides shortcuts to create and upload content
  • If you have a compatible app installed, the ability to create new documents, spreadsheets, presentations and text files
  • Upload content directly to Box from anywhere you view a file (like an email attachment)

Hit the market link after the break to grab yourself the update.


Reader comments

Box Android app updated, brings couple of new features to the table


Yeah. Box will not find a home on my phone or tablet until they allow effortless desktop syncing without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

There is no comparison between Dropbox and Box. Dropbox just does it better.

btw - Dropbox is still superior IMO. Interface is faster and more intuitive and I dont think they have the file size limit. But the basic free account at gives you over twice the space.

Great for storing MP3s, Music videos, App backups, pictures, and comics. There are lots of things that are less than 100megs. The 100 meg limit is not that big a deal.

I found Sugarsync much better. 5GB free. Two way automatic sync. Including photo and video sync.

Box is great but still will not compare to Dropbox until they add a dam move function within the app. There is no way to move one file to another location through the app. Quite useless if you ask me.

The Market STILL show it being not compatible with my GNEX. Along with about half the other apps that I use regularly..... It's very disappointing that alot of big name companies don't yet support the latest Google Experience phone.