Docomo blue Galaxy S4

Docomo could carry dark blue variant of Samsung's new handset

So far the Samsung Galaxy S4 has only been available in "white frost" and "black mist" color options, but it seems a third option may be about to join them. Japanese blog Rbmen has spotted the new "blue arctic" color option on a promotional leaflet from Japanese carrier Docomo, and it looks a lot like the old "pebble blue" Galaxy S3.

There's no word on whether this color option might be offered outside of Japan, but Samsung has a history of offering its phones and tablets in all kinds of weird and wonderful colors, so we wouldn't be surprised to see a wider release at some point.

Aside from new color options, the spec sheet also mentions a couple of Japanese-specific features, like FeliCa support for use with electronic payment cards, and a retractable TV antenna.

Docomo reportedly has a presentation scheduled for May 15, so Japanese buyers shouldn't be too long to learn more about their Galaxy S4 variant.

Source: Rbmen; via: SamMobile


Reader comments

'Blue Arctic' Samsung Galaxy S4 sighted in Japan


well when the GS4 arrives in the States in Blue Arctic, I'll be ready to trade my Silver/White htc One for it. Completely joking, but I do like blue and the GS4 isn't exactly a bad device I just prefer the One. I think the Blue Arctic color looks good. If it weren't for that "hyper glaze" however...

Is it just me, I prefer the "look" of the GS4 over the HTC One. Don't get me wrong, I believe HTC has made the better phone of the two, the HTC One is built like a tank. Solid, zero gap construction, premium feeling. But I can't explain it, I looked at the GS4 and I prefer the way it looks more.

I actually loved the GS3 and it's looks which is why I'm probably biased.

If I had to choose, ultimately I'd go with the HTC One because of the way it's designed, but I'm ultimately holding out for a Nexus 5 this year, hopefully with LTE. No more waiting for carriers, or having laggy UI customizations.