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Glu has launched their sequel to Blood and Glory on Google Play today, offering a remastered experience of one-on-one tactical combat. Say what you will about this being Infinity Blade in ancient Rome - gladiators are badass, and I really can't wait to get my thumbs on this one. Here's a quick run-down of the features. 

  • Motion comic storyline: Journey through the Empire, leaving blood-thirsty bosses in your wake as the all new animated comic story unfolds!
  • Stunning & award-winning AAA graphics: Perfect your skills and unleash stunning Special Attacks, Super Combos and the all new Glorious Strike!
  • Daily bonus: Come back every day to earn free money and equipment!
  • New arenas and enemies: Battle new towering Giants and seductive Claw Vixens to the death in the new Snake Den, Viking Ship, and Neptune Temple!

Of course, Glu is all about free-to-play, and that means in-app purchases. If you can deal with that and dig the trailer below, you can get Blood & Glory: Legend over here in Google Play.


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Blood and Glory: Legend brings back gladitorial mayhem to Android


I haven't been a fan of their model. The first few levels are free. After some progress, you either need to get iap or grind merciless for days on end to get an upgrade. I would prefer a for sale app, or iap that enhance the game play. Not iap that are a requirement to progress. Also, in the past you had to buy credits (I was turned off by their model, so I haven't played the last few games). You don't know how many credits you will need to complete the game. So, you end up buying more credits several times and up with left over credits at the end.
The games are great and they are fun, but I find the above very annoying.

Will they still spam my notification bar to hell, or did that come to an end with the new rules Google announced?

They also make the updates mandatory to keep playing the game. Then they change it so it is no longer compatible with the device you are using. My son has been playing this on his Galaxy player 4 and really liked it. The other day it says an update is available. He tries to update and it says "your device is not supported" and shuts down the game. Then he tries again and chooses not to upgrade and the game shuts down again. All his time and effort gone. Sucks for him.