Black HTC One

With the HTC One and One Mini already available in a slew of different colors, HTC is bringing a little more variety to the latest member of the HTC One family, the One Max. The black HTC One Max has made its debut in Hong Kong, and the manufacturer's Hong Kong site shows the Max in its new murdered-out exterior. The metal front and back, as well as the plastic sides, are now jet black, giving the enormous handset a slightly more businesslike appearance. It also makes the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner — admittedly not our favorite One Max feature — a little less visually jarring.

There's no indication as to when (or even if) HTC might launch the black One Max outside of Hong Kong. But given HTC's track record of slowly rolling out additional color options we wouldn't be surprised to see this model arrive internationally at some point. Elsewhere, a red HTC One Max was recently spotted in an ad for Taiwanese carrier FarEasTone, so it's possible the device may get a splash of color in the near future.

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Black HTC One Max headed to Hong Kong


I posted in Twitter that I want to see the HTC One Max in different colors and HTC asked me which. I responded with black and gold.

Maybe they really were listening.

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Man I wish the one max had snapdragon 800.. I was so looking forward to that phone. But now im gonna wait for the next flagship. The fingerprint scanner I can live without. It a waste

What exactly is wrong with the Snapdragon 600? Please, don't let that be the sole basis of your decision.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Looks good but when did black become an optional color. HTC is strange sometimes. Black is a standard color for just about everyone else and many months down the road they finally make a black HTC One, and it's the Max and not the original One. I really wish each OEM would just release all color options they plan on making from day one, instead of waiting and then releasing "exclusive" colors for certain regions.

It looks way better in black. I bet it would've sold better had they made this the first color for this device.

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Agreed. It just looks more sleek and the misplaced fingerprint scanner doesn't look so.. misplaced.

They could've done so much better with this phone. They sacrificed function for size smh..

I went to the Sprint store to inquire and look at the G2. I couldn't take my eyes off this black HTC One though. This phone is a beautiful thing. If the next HTC phone has the same look, I may drop w/e I have. Never seen a phone so nice.

OMG just saw one in a shop in New Zealand. It looks amazing!!!

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