Yesterday we saw the Honeycomb statue arrive at Building 44 in Mountain View. Now Google's posted this video that has everyone buzzing. Yeah. We went there. [Google Mobile Blog]

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Yeeey... so whats next.. marshmallow 3.1...

Kyran says:

"Marshmallow" is not next in the lexical sequence there, friend.

Lol.. just following food and desserts... after all froyo ginger and all..

dabaum says:

Yeah, but it's still alphabetical. We've got a ways to go to get to "m".

icebike says:

After Ice cream, nobody knows what's next.

But here's a list of tasty delights in alpha order.

trenen says:

Jello...definitely, jello (unless that word, in general, is trademarked?)

Kyran says:

Jello (or more precisely "Jell-O") is trademarked. It's a brand of gelatin.

trenen says:

Actually, I think that jello is a genericized word and Jell-O is the trademark product. If this is the case, it might not be possible to sue anyone for using the word jello (within reason). Though...more thought leads me to think the next iteration could just be (as some others have said) jellybean and bipass legal issues all together.

ChrisFricke says:

I don't think the hyphen even matters. It certainly didn't matter when the (semi awful) metal band Green Jello had to change their name to Green Jelly.

regnoble21 says:

who builds these statues, the google employees?

Ohhhhhhh.... so I.... mmmm... ice cream, i.... mmmm....

r1fo says:

They ought to make the next one "Irish Cream"

That's something that people really will get buzzed over

Hey, AC went there first! :D

ts0cha0tik says:

Jello could be next

geeves1279 says:

How about "Jalapeno Chocolate Cream Cake"? lol

FreudSlipped says:

I'm hungry

jb4056#AC says:

I'm going with jellybean ..just my guess .

Berserk says:

Jellybean sounds about right.