Big Android BBQ 2012

It's that time, boys and girls. Tickets for the Big Android BBQ -- that annual gathering of Android fans, nerds, family and friends -- are now on sale. The event's running October 19-21 this year, at the Hurst Conference Center outside Dallas.  There are 1,000 tickets available. Starting today, you can get them for $50 each.

We were at the event in 2011, and this year promises to be even better. Get your tickets now before they get gone!

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There are 9 comments

That graphic is awesome.

tommydaniel says:

Their site isn't loading.

kgeissler says:

Site not working. :(

voiceonly says:

Works fine... site not found... $50/tix for a BBQ? Maybe it's a joke?

JoeUserTX says:

Wouldn't mind going since I'm in the metroplex, but can't really go if I can't buy tickets (the web site must be down)...

Dillon007 says:

Just got my ticket see you all there.

living and working in Ft. Worth area means I get to attend this one!

toddjy says:

$50? Seems kind of pricey? where's the money going?