Big Android BBQ 2012

If you're looking to head to the Big Android BBQ 2012 in Texas you're going to need some tickets to get in on the fun and now pricing and availability for said tickets has been announced:

Tickets go on sale July 11th - There will be a total of 1,000 tickets available (900+ of which will be priced at $55).  There will also be about a hundred “bracketed” tickets that include extras like lunch and a separate dinner with the BigAndroidBBQ staff.Tickets will be available for about 60 days, or until they sell out. Tickets are non-refundable, as they have been in the past, but we will accommodate transfers when we deem them appropriate. There will be no transfers after September 19th.

Not sure what the Big Android BBQ is or why you want to attend? Check out our video recap from last-years event or hit the link below for the full details.

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Impheatus says:

Is Sassi BoB goin'? ;)

900 tickets @ $55 is $49,500 , what the hell are they serving , I know that there are expenses involve , somebody is making a huge profit.

Clearly, you've never been involved with planning a major event that involves a caterer, vendors and other service providers. You should stay in your lane.

avianz says:

I dunno, when I went in Austin one time it was at a really dumpy location, there was no organization, and nothing was setup until halfway through the day. Made me never want to check it out again.

centerwaters says:

do all paid BBQ attendees receive a free Galaxy Nexus?

if so, sign me up, Scotty! :)

centerwaters says:

P.S. suggestions for this year's theme ingredient:

(1) grilled apple slices (chopped, diced... with ax or chain saw)

(2) baked apple pies (burning hot oven that's hotter than hell)

(3) deep-fried apple pies(a.k.a. old-style McDonald apple pies)

(4) apple jam (beaten apples)

(5) apple sauce (made from badly smashed apples)

dacp283 says:

They need to hire me to do the grilling. I'd love to hook Y'all up with some of my BBQ.

bigtank says:

will they be serving Ice Cream sandwiches and Jelly Beans?

mu5icpimp says:

They had Ice Cream Sandwiches last year! :)