Big Android BBQ

Been wondering when the next Big Android BBQ is? Wonder no more. October 19-21, 2012 in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas is when and where it will all go down. To help keep track of how many days are left to go, there has also been a Big Android BBQ countdown widget released.

We're sure there will be more information to come in the next little while but for now -- the dates and venue are indeed set. You can grab the countdown widget from the Google Plat Store for which, you'll find a link to below.

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Big Android BBQ 2012 dates announced!


You guys never have this thing where I can get to... Besides the fact that I do have a lady friend that lives in the Dallas area, I have ZERO other reasons to go (or want to go) to Texas.

BBQ doesn't exist in Dallas. It's broiled brisket with gravy. Real BBQ is in Kansas City - sloooooow cooked/smoked meat. They'll Q anything and everything and there are all kinds of bizarre sauces in KC - found one with ginger and rice vinegar. Awesome sauce.

And KC ranks among highest with # of Android developers. A Big Android BBQ belongs in KC. Just ask Anthony Bourdain.

You sir obviously know nothing of Texas BBQ. And don't argue. I own my own line of BBQ sauces that I make myself that are from various regions of the country. I know BBQ sauce. Even KC sauce. Super thick super sweet. AC keep that in mind for the next one. Ill cater the event.

Looking forward to it. I live in Big D and couldnt get time off work last year when it was in Austin. This year however i should be able to.