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With the announcement of the Motorola Droid RAZR, Verizon also confirmed some new double data LTE plans to go along with it. More data is always a good thing, so we're gald to see it happening on Verizon. So what are they all about and how can you get into them?

Eligibility – Twice the Data

  • All customer types are eligible including consumers, business and Verizon Wireless employees.
  • Data is also doubled on packages with business email.
  • New 4G LTE Smartphone activations and upgrades are eligible as well as existing customers on 4G LTE Smartphones.
  • Customers can switch through My Verizon and My Business.
  • Existing 4G LTE Smartphone customers will not be automatically moved to a double data feature code but can change to one.
  • To avoid prorating, customers may future date the change to the start of their next bill cycle if the date is within the promotional period.
  • Backdating prior to 11/8/11 is not available.
  • 4G LTE Smartphone customers who make a price plan change or an ESN change during the promotional period will be asked to select one of the promotional options.
  • Customers who order a 4G LTE Smartphone, including a DROID RAZR preorder, with a standard usage based data package prior to 11/8/11 and activate during the promotional period will receive promotional pricing.

One caveat here though is that Mobile Hotspot allowance is not doubled, although that is a separate charge anyway so there isn't much room to complain there. Plus, if you're not really needing all this data there is a  $20/300MB data plan that will also be available. You can just past the break for the full details.

VZW Data


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A better look at the Verizon double data LTE promo plans


Hmmm, I have wifi at home and wifi at work... the 300MB plan sounds enticing except it's only $10 more for 4GB.

I'm on ATT and currently use the $15 for 200MB.


I don't care how much someone uses Wifi 300mb shouldn't even be an option for a smartphone. Its a pricing trap. As far as this Double stuff If it stays through the Nexus Launch ill be all over it.

Sounds to me like you should go with the 300MB. If you're only allowed 200MB now and aren't going over then 300 would be fine. Its only ten bucks a month extra, but ten bucks is ten bucks and why spend it on something you won't use.

If you buy a smart phone from Verizon you will be required to have minimum $30 data plan. The cheaper plans are limited to "Feature" phones. Feature phones require a minimum $10 data plan.

Not according to this new info. It says that you can get the $20 plan on a smartphone now too.

It's on the left hand column of page 2.

This line: "4G LTE Smartphone customers who make a price plan change or an ESN change during the promotional period will be asked to select one of the promotional options." makes me think no. It looks like if you upgrade to the Nexus, Rezound, or RAZR you will have to select one of the new data plans. Since they are all 4G phones and you will be making an ESN change to swap to it.

I am wondering the same thing. That is exactly what it sounds like. I am hoping it will remain unlimited after I upgrade. That's the only reason I have decided to stay with Verizon. I haven't checked my monthly data usage, but I don't think it reaches 4 Gig. However, as was told in July, if we have a 3g smartphone going into july 8th, we should be able to renew with a 4g lte device and keep our unlimited data plan. I'm hoping I get to keep my unlimited data. I am going to resist every single encouragement to do this deal too. Does anyone here know if Bionic owners that upgraded at Costco were able to keep their unlimited data?

I just called verizon and spoke with a rep. If you are unlimited, when you upgrade to the Nexus, you get to keep the unlimited data plan, and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT have to get one of these double tiered data plan deals.

It's sad that upping the limit to 4 GB on the $30 plan is considered a big deal. With 4G speeds, how long will it take to eat that up? A few hours?

Why do you equate faster delivery with higher usage?

Sounds like you've bought into the same line of argument the carriers are using when imposing caps.

You still have a small screen device upon which its painfully slow to type. You don't have any more hours in the day, so you can't stream any more video. The device storage isn't all that big so you can't store that much.

You're postulating that the drinking fountain fed by an 8 inch pipe slakes more thirst than one fed by a quarter inch pipe.

You forget that if it is faster to download or stream data, the natural progression is to consume more data, otherwise we would be still using the amount of data that a 14.4 baud dial-up modem can use on our home computers.

If the capacity is there, people will find a way to consume more data.

Not to mention, wifi is usually slower than Verizon LTE. I haven't really cared if my phone is on wifi ever since I got the Thunderbolt.

Exactly! I always switch to my WiFi @ home because it is faster than 3G, but the speeds people are consistently getting on LTE in my area is faster than my 10mbps internet connection from the cable company!

I can't imagine I will connect my next phone up to WiFi much at all.

Can someone clarify for me , I have unlimited 3G and am going to be getting the galaxy nexus. Will I get unlimited 4G? Thanks in advance!

"4G LTE Smartphone customers who make a price plan change or an ESN change during the promotional period will be asked to select one of the promotional options."

So, Maybe not.

So am I to understand that based on the bottom right of page 1 that anyone who got the $30/2GB plan after the move to tiered data can opt into the $30/4GB plan starting tomorrow?

So from what I read.... if you have the unlimited plan, and you upgrade to this phone, you will lose unlimited data.... Anyone ask Verizon about this??? Hopefully once the promotion ends, you can upgrade to a new phone and not be asked to change plans.

Where do you read that??

From this sentence on the bottom of page 2: "Customers on grandfathered features such as the $29.99 unlimited package cannot move back to unlimited *IF* they switch to a promotional feature."

I read that to mean that the customer would have to agree to a switch to tiered data. Don't you?

"4G LTE Smartphone customers who make a price plan change or an ESN change during the promotional period will be asked to select one of the promotional options."

More Verizon Nonense, This is just a response to Sprint's reaffirmation of continued unlimited 3G and 4G data plans. It's a shame that this blog and others don't make a bigger deal of the fleecing of smartphone customers.(I'm looking at you Phil, and the guys over at BOL) The bottom line is Verizon has the fastest 4G network, but you cannot reasonable take advantage of that speed without tremendous cost.

NO smartphone should be sold without at least a reasobale 5GB plan, otherwise, what's the point of a smartphone? Email/websurfing can be done on a high end feature/messaging phone. That goes for the people who never use 200MB (I don't even know how that's possible with an Android phone)

I use 15GB a month on Sprint, hell the AC podcast alone is about 200MB a month to put in into perspective. The day I lose unlimited data is the day I switch back to a feature phone with just enough data to send/recieve emails.

WTF?? lol Damn dude thats insane 15gb?? Do you not have wifi? Just curious, how do you use that much data? With my internet at home I use roughly 15gigs but on a phone....whoa...lol

Exactly! Even when traveling where there is no WIFI I can't get anywhere near 15gig. There aren't enough hours in the day.

I've gotten up there too. he says right in his post what eats his data up. Pod casts, etc. I used to do constant music/Sirius Radio streaming a few months for about 9 hours a day (work + commute) and I was eating up 10-12 gigs a month on that no problem.

4gb should be plenty. I have Evo OG and I barely hit 3gb a month with unlimited data so this should work for me.
I just hope this carries over to the launch of the Nexus and they dont try to give only Razr and Rezound users this deal.

***For all worried about losing their unlimited plans when upgrading. I had the same questions before.***

IF you have unlimited 3G (or 4G) and are planning on getting a new phone and renewing your contract. You STILL can keep your unlimited data. BUT be sure that you make yourself VERY clear when you upgrade that you currently have unlimited and you are going to keep your unlimited. That way when they give you the whole thing about "Upgrading to a new plan" you can tell them to shove it because any change would be a downgrade. (Unless you want the $20 300mb plan which would just be cheaper.)

I just called Verizon and spoke with a rep. If you are unlimited, when you upgrade to the Nexus, you get to keep the unlimited data plan, and DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT have to get one of these double tiered data plan deals.

before if I were to leave VWZ I'd lose unlimited and be stuck with 2GB if I came back.. but 4GB would actually be more than enough for most so.. I think this is a good move for VZW as it limits things but doesn't handicap most.

Podcasting, youtube videos, Amazon cloud player, Pandora, other streaming music apps. I listen to about 5 podcasts a day at work. I don't try to hit 15GB, I just do. It's called using your phone without worrying about limits.

So does this include the lte mifi? I currently pay 80$ for 5gb and 30$ for my unlimited I could drop down and save 30 $ . And if u ask I use 20gb on binioc and and 10gb on mifi. No porn lotsa rom flashing lotsa jetflicks lotsa hulu and amazon and netflicks. I have no wifi

I have one line and grandfathered in with unlimited data. If I add another line, will I lose my unlimited data on the first line??

I don't believe so. Data is billed separately per device (at least on my family plan). So I would think that the line that is grandfathered could keep unlimited, but the new line would have to choose a tiered plan.

I guess we can't use this on tablets huh? I wouldn't mind having 4gb for my Xoom.. I easily chew through the 2gb limit cause it's so fast.

Coworker just got off the phone with VZW rep and was told only new customers get promotion, I showed him the above flier and told him to try again. Then I logged on to My Verizon account and showed him the Double Data option was showing for my Tbolt but of coarse I have Unlimited. And my other lines are 3G so no Double Data option available. He has 4 Bionics he got for a penny on Amazon he needs to change over.

Update: He got back on the phone and spoke to someone who just got the memo at VZW and was able to get all lines to 4GB data. His Bionic's data widget even now says 4GB.