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After being iOS-only for some time, Tesla owners can now control their car with an Android app as well. One perk of having an all-electric car designed for a consumer electronics-focused market is great integration of systems, and there's no better way to show it off than with an app that controls your car. The Tesla Model S Android app lets you check your remaining range or charge state, control heat or A/C before you get into the car, open/close the roof and unlock/lock the doors from a distance.

The app has just been released and holds a "Beta" tag, citing occasional UI glitches, but we're just happy to see it released publicly. If you're lucky enough to have your hands (and a good chunk of your bank account) on a Tesla Model S, you'll want to head to the Play Store and grab this app right away.


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Beta version of Tesla Model S app comes to the Play Store


If I had a tesla I would never leave this car. That giant dash screen is off the meter. I would put XBMC on it quick. Now with an android app. I'm sure its hackable.

Shit, I saw "Tesla" and I thought I was going to get some Modern Day Cowboy action here. Or some sweet lightning bolts or some "Thomas Edison sucks balls"... very disappointing.

I want the car and the application. It would be very nice for delivering pizza in. Don't know if a car topper would work though, is the roof metal so magnets would stick?

I figured it wouldn't :-) Back when I had my 93 Firebird Formula I had the same problem so the company had to order a special one that goes in the window. It would be nice not having to buy gas after work. If only I could afford it :'( The Prius does a good job for now.

FINALLY! I've been having to use my iPad to control mine. Being able to use my phone, will be less of a hassle!

how do I put this delicately?

Owning and driving round in a Tesla may get you laid.

Controlling its power windows/locks or AC will NOT. It just not cool.
(unless your ideal women are the ones who work at Best Buy's Geek Squad
counter.... some of them are actually quite hot!)

Wait... didn't several Tesla owners have half of their houses burned
down with the Tesla sitting in the garage? Did they ever figure out what
the problem was?