Best Zombie Games for Android

Prepare for the pending zombie apocalypse with these games

We all know that the zombie apocalypse is coming. Sure, we could talk until we're all blue in the face about how to survive in such desperate times. Even better, we could get some practice in with some awesome games on our Android devices.

There are so many great games out there, it's hard to list them all. However, these are some that really catch out attention.

Go ahead, get some gaming (and practicing) in. We're going to need all we can get to make it through in the future.


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The best zombie games for Android


I dont like too. I have played better zombies games, for example webslotcasino zombies slot for fun. Like qualitative graphics.

While not really a game, Zombies! Run is a fantastic fitness and entertainment app. The storyline is engaging and the app works well.

Into the Dead and the Original Dead Trigger get my vote.

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Sooo many to choose from...Earn To Die probably my favorite...hoping for a sequel someday. Zombie RoadTrip is pretty fun. Currently enjoying Zombie Diary 2.

I second this. Fun game I keep going back to probably more than any other on my phone. A sequel is coming soon too.

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Come on AC, really . Using a slide show to get more hits? I expect this from lesser sites but not you.

Overlive is so good!! Not sure how you missed that one, it's a choose your adventure style game with training, 8 different endings. SO good.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is the best game to play and really challenging, addictive game... I was just shocked while playing this game..
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Let's teach your kids basic medical care for their nails in this Nail Doctor 2 - Surgery Game...!!!

What did I think of your list? I think you're a fking idiot is what I think. Let's, just for once, have a list of zombie games that is NOT some cutesie big head / little body / big beady eyed, super polished and clean Flash vector click-for-coin game that has a crappily-applied zombie "theme". I want REAL zombie games. Games rated mature that will send children to the local insane asylum. The Walking Dead is the only one here. I want a game about a gritty, noir world with a hero who shaves with a machete if even at all, drinks scotch like it's oxygen, brutally pulverizes the skulls of zombies - blood and guts included - with a tire iron wrapped in barbed wire, and sews his own wounds shut with a rusty syringe needle and mud-soaked shoe laces. Show me a real zombie game where it is eternally dusk because clouds of radio-actively evaporated pools of blood have blotted out the sun, and now the earth is a desolate wasteland where surviving hordes of face-eating zombies only leads you to drinking parasite-infested swamp water in a decommissioned, rusty, crumbling prison. These games are fking bullshat. These are all tweeny uber-polished click-to-get-a-coin and level up games where you purchase adorable zombie teddy bears and "love shields" and heart and rainbows gun where you pop little bubbles to gain XP. This is sissy shat. Go away.