That's it. Uncle. We're done. No more individual April Fools' Day posts. So here is where you can find the best of the worst. There's no such thing as a good April Fools' Day post in this business. But there are some that at least make us smile.

Chromecast: A new era of squirrel entertainment

Hulu: In the Kitchen with Hannibal

Lenovo's vintage drop tests

Sphero SelfieBot

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The NS5 is an April fools as well? I really hope it's not.

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zhecht says:

It seems to be the year of the smart glove

grydlok says:

Anyone find Charizard?

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Yup. All 150......but they haven't sent me my job offer yet.

Check out @SamsungMobile's Tweet: its Android gear for your dog!

tx_jaycee says:

I caught a typo it should be LinkedIn CYMK...I really liked the squirrel Chromecast

travaz says:

April Fools YAWN!!!!

Cheetah23 says:

That Google Maps Pokemon must be a big one to be listed twice.

BasPilot says:

I'm thinking the chromecast commercial wasn't an April Fools joke, but it was a great idea one night in a Marketing meeting that no one was willing to claim a few days later and they spent money on it and now they had to do something with it... so April Fools day was chosen for their worst commercial ever.

smhism says:

I was expecting something totally different for 'head mode'...

raymaane says:

Ahh.. The Sphero one was kinda funny.... no? ok.

drokssilva says:

Did no one catch the transulate to emoji in chrome?

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andyl620 says:

Google Fiber Coffee to the Home...twice on the same list?


Robb Nunya says:

Minecraft was pretty funny, then incredibly annoying, and then back to hilarious for me. Google it.

Abionic says:

Netflix Bacon.

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