Are you looking for something a little extra in your Android camera app? Maybe more creative options, or more detailed technical control? Maybe something easier to use? We've got our five favourite camera apps for Android right here. It's worth noting that though there's a ton of overlap with photo editing apps, we're trying to focus on apps that are primarily for taking pictures for this round-up, rather than apps for editing the end result.

Ready, shutterbugs? It's time to fire up the Google Play Store.

1. Google Camera

If you're not a fan of whatever camera app came preloaded on your device, you may be interested in the stock experience offered by Google's own camera app. The user interface is clean and pared-down while still providing access to all of the important core functions. The flashiest feature you'll find here is the ability to shoot and share Photo Spheres, though there's also a Lens Blur mode that lets you create a simulated depth of field effect.

If you aim for simplicity in your photo-shooting, Google Camera has you covered.

2. Camera ZOOM FX

Camera ZOOM FX is easily the most popular third-party camera app available right now. Voice-activated shooting and time-lapse are both available, as well as standard and timer shots. Live previews of various filters can be set, hardware buttons and gestures can have specific tasks mapped to them, plus you can turn off the camera sound if you need to be quiet. Add-ons include props that you can overlay on the camera viewfinder before shooting, many of which are available as in-app purchases.

If you want a camera app that offers everything and the kitchen sink, Camera ZOOM FX is it.

3. Camera 2

Camera 2 comes from the guys that made Paper Camera. As you might expect, that means you can get an instant preview of a wide range of characterful filters. Many of these apply various cartoon styles to live video of still images, though you can be a little more subtle about it too. You can change the properties of most of these filters while you shoot to get just the right effect.

For filter fiends that just can't wait for the shot to be taken to make sure it will be just right, Camera 2's ability to show live previews will be hugely helpful.

4. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is a no-nonsense camera app for those that want an extreme amount of control over their shots. Modeled closely after the interface and options available on big-boy DSLRs, FV-5 offers exposure compensation, light metering, functions for bracketed time-lapse, EXIF and XMP metadata, and a live histogram. Of course, all of the usual finger-friendly stuff is there, like tap-to-focus and hardware key remapping.

Serious photographers that want minimal compromises when shooting with their phone will want to use FV-5.

5. Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome is highly polished photography app with some pretty slick features. You can split focus and white balance targets for separate areas, which can help a lot for shots with heavy shadows. There's a level overlay to make sure your pictures aren't crooked, plus guides for the Rule of Thirds, the Golden Rule, Trisec, and Square frames.

Throw in all of the usual post-processing tools and a sharp user interface, and you've got a fine replacement for your default camera.

6. Your favorite camera apps for Android?

There are a lot of ways to take a picture with an Android device. What's yours? We're always hunting around for new apps, so sound off in the comments.