Sprint Evo 4G at Best Buy

At this point, you're either in the Verizon Droid Incredible camp, or the Sprint Evo 4G. And both are stellar HTC Android smartphones. But the latter has a few extra bells and whistles up its sleeve, and like you, we can't wait to get our hands on it. (Again.) And so it's worth mentioning that Best Buy is now promoting the Evo 4G, and you can sign up to be notified when it will be available. We still don't know any more than "Coming summer 2010," but hopefully we'll learn more at the launch event in a few weeks. Stay tuned. [Best Buy] Thanks, Cody!


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Best Buy promoting Sprint Evo 4G - sign up to be notified when it's coming


I think I'll wait for the EVO 4G on Sprint - just because their plans are cheaper.

I'd probably be happy with either phone (hear that Verizon? I'd give you my money *right now* if you had decent plans!)

I jst talked to a rep at best buy (geek squad) he said they will have tha Evo at $199 I jst wonder how much its gonna cost at regular price...

What if you are in the "I wish either Verizon had the good phones for once or Sprint had better coverage" camp?

I actually checked with Sprint and their price plan is within a couple bucks of the identical plan at VZ. But they just don't have the consitent coverage that Big Red has and the 4g coverage isn't going to be significant for a couple years.

They aren't within a couple of buck of each other when you consider that Sprint's plans include unlimited data and text, which are add-ons for VZ that you'll have to pay extra for. As far as coverage, Sprint and VZ have roaming agreements, so theoretically, Sprint users should have coverage nearly equal to that of VZ (data coverage is a different story).

If you think a comparable unlimited data plan from VZ is "within a few bucks" of that of Sprint's, then maybe we need to have a discussion about the meaning of the word "few"! Unlimited data, texts, and mobile calling = $69 from Sprint, the same plan is more that $10 more a month from VZ!

I'm in both camps!!

Incredible for work and Evo for personal! HELL YES... it's like giving an addict two forms of crack at the same time... :-D

the phones are exactly the same except that the Evo will have MORE features. Why not just return the Droid use the Evo for both!

The phones are NOT the same, the Incredible is basically the Desire, the EVO is a revamped HD2. By that logic, the Nexus One and the EVO are the same, because it has a similar processor and runs a similar OS.

For the love of God, I can't wait to get this phone... I will be first in line wherever they sell them in my city.

seen a guy in seattle with this phone on sunday. i didn't think it was the evo at first but after a good, long, creepy stare over his shoulder i was pretty convinced it was the evo.

There is no way it could have been the EVO. Maybe the HD2 because the form factor is very similar. The release date hasn't even been announced so you were smoking crack or something.

possibly, i was a couple gin shots in, but this thing looked exactly the same. but you're probably right, unless he was some kind of beta tester or something?

My upgrade date in August 13th. I've never wanted the summer to go by so fast as I do this year.

I actually just went to the site and saw all the specs, but wasn't given the option to be alerted. Is this region-specific?